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the key on a typewriter or a word processor that causes a tabulation


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Excel will remember the order of the fields selected in steps 2-4, and the tab key will now follow the new sequence.
Using the tab keys and the cut-and-paste feature saves me a lot of time and reduces errors," he explained.
Thus anything you indent using the tab key will be indented a half inch.
ATHE tab key is often marked with a pair of arrows.
By using the Tab key, you can jump to each occurrence.
Users can either use the mouse to highlight the appropriate hypertext link, or the tab key to move to the section he or she wants to search.
You can advance through the options by hitting the Tab key or clicking on the appropriate box.
The keystrokes for moving around are not stated explicitly on the screen, so some may have trouble figuring out that the Tab key moves from field to field and that pressing Enter executes the search.