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the straight line configuration of 3 celestial bodies (as the sun and earth and moon) in a gravitational system

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The fronting companies kept a fee and then ceded the remaining $1,319,056 of the premiums and all of the insurance risk to Syzygy, which reinsured the potential claims.
A similar mechanism as described above might be applicable to other semiterrestrial crab species exhibiting larval release synchrony on syzygy dates, which are supposed to rely on semilunar cycles of moonlight (Gifford 1962, Warner 1967).
Dabney would later close down Syzygy after 'Pizza Time Theater' went under.
Among their topics are a lower bound for the number of finitely maximal Cp-actions on a compact oriented surface, rational points in the moduli space of genus two, Inose's construction and elliptic K3 surfaces with Mordell-Weil rank 15 revisited, extending Runge's method for integral points, and syzygy divisors on Hurwitz spaces.
When the sun, the moon, and Earth line up as the moon orbits Earth, that's known as syzygy (definitely something you want to keep in your back pocket for your next Scrabble match).
In the other words, a syzygy on [f.sub.1], ..., [f.sub.s] is an element ([h.sub.1], ..., [h.sub.s]) [member of] F such that
Other highly searched words on Merriam-Webster .com include 'recuse,' 'empathy,' 'dotard,' 'syzygy' and 'gyro .' ( ANI )
ChoiceSpine, for example, purchased Exactech Inc.'s spine assets in February to boost its international footprint, while Amendia paired with Spinal Elements to gain access to titanium-coated PEEK (polyetheretherketone) interbody technology and enhance its Overwatch pedicle screw system, Syzygy reduction screw system, and Ceres cervical product lines.
Similarly the often-mentioned Syzygy, the first film made by Akbar Padamsee, was premiered by Bhownagary in Paris at unesco in 1969.
Here [[OMEGA].sup.l] ([S.sub.2i, j]) denotes the l-th syzygy of [S.sub.2i, j].
When the sun, the moon and Earth line up as the moon orbits Earth, that's known as syzygy - and that's definitely something you want to keep in your back pocket for your next Scrabble match.
Around 1.30am (GMT), the Earth, sun and moon will be almost perfectly in a line (an effect known as a "syzygy"), with the moon directly opposite the sun.
When the Sun, Moon and Earth align as the Moon orbits the Earth, it is called syzygy (A new word to remember for your next Scrabble game).
MANAMA: Grant Thornton Abdulaal has entered into a joint venture with Bahrain-based sYzYgY Consultants, to introduce IT advisory services in the kingdom within its portfolio.
This can occur only when the sun, Earth and moon are aligned (in "syzygy") exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle.