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the straight line configuration of 3 celestial bodies (as the sun and earth and moon) in a gravitational system

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German e-business services provider Syzygy AG (ETR:SYZ) said it had boosted its stake in Polish digital animation specialist Ars Thanea to 70% from 26%, effective 6 February.
Dubai: Try spelling the words syzygy, thallophyte, xanthoma, taupe or simulacrum each in less than two minutes on the spot without the aid of your trusted friend -- Google -- or a dictionary?
To eliminate the draw permits an unmatchable Speed a syzygy which hangs tight just back of the curtain of the reality theater down the street, speed is not necessarily fast.
9 LUCRECIA DALT, SYZYGY (Human Ear Music) Dalt can write a really soulful ballad and sing it with a full voice, but Syzygy is more austere and dark than her previous albums.
In addition, Syzygy FlashTaq, a chemically-modified hot-start Taq DNA polymerase recognized for its rapid two-minute activation time and high level of compatibility, was also selected for use in rEV Alution.
Srikant Ranganathan, President SYZYGY Consulting LTD.
Established in 1971, by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney as Syzygy Engineering, Atari went on to become a household name in the gaming business.
Indeed we describe, combinatorially, the minimal Grobner bases for all higher syzygy modules of [I.
She cites her role in the fiercely aggressive Syzygy as her favorite so far.
Pitch and Harmony in Gyorgy Ligeti's Hamburg Concerto and Syzygy for String Quartet [by Charles Corey].
FITCHBURG - Syzygy - noun, from the Greek "syzygos," yoked together.
Most important, however, Syzygy functions in a dichotomy between surface and reality, through which the speaker pursues knowledge of an anonymous addressee.
Fleischmann (author); SYZYGY, BEAUTY; Sarabande Books (Nonfiction: Essays) $15.
Businesses that are partnering with Eastfield College in the grant include ACRC Trials; the North Texas Institute of Neurology and Headache; Syzygy Fort Worth, LLC; Lyane Gedach, DDS; Lone Star Vision; EpiCentre Legacy; Tarpon, PA; and Village Health Partners.