systolic murmur

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a murmur heard during systole

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on a 20-year-old female with an anterior mediastinal teratoma mimicking a valvular heart disease with a loud ejection systolic murmur This case report aims to increase the awareness of such rare presentations of anterior mediastinal teratomas that may mimic congenital valvular heart diseases.
During the physical examination of the cat, systolic murmurs (grade IV/VI) were auscultated from the left side of the thorax and the hyperkinetic pulse was palpated from the femoral artery.
Physical examination revealed a regular heart rate at 100 beats/ min, a blood pressure of 111/53 mmHg, a respiratory rate of 19 breaths/min, slight jugular venous distention suggesting a right atrial mean pressure of 8-10 cm of blood, crackles at both lung bases (L>R), a soft systolic murmur in the 2nd left intercostal space at the sternal edge, 1+/4+ pretibial edema bilaterally, and slight abdominal distention.
She presented a systolediastole murmur of V/VI grade in the aortic area, that radiated in Erb, a bilateral systolic murmur in the carotids and a systolic murmur of V/VI grade in the mitral area, radiating in the axillary area.
On admission, she had no fever, nor any neurological deficits and the systemic examination was unremarkable except for a systolic murmur. Laboratory tests included complete blood count and blood chemistry within normal limits except for an elevated C-reactive protein (CRP) of 74mg/L.
There was a right ventricular heave, loud S2 and a grade 2/6 systolic murmur heard throughout the pericardium.
His blood pressure was 220/110 mmHg and there was grade III ejection systolic murmur at left sternal border, as well as grade II pan systolic murmur at mitral area, radiating to axilla.
Physical exam showed a child in moderate distress with mild pectus excavatum and a soft systolic murmur best heard at the left sternal border.
There was the systolic murmur expected of an overtaxed heart, but no specific cardiac illness.
There was an ejection systolic murmur of grade III/VI in the aortic area.
4% were found to have palpitation, 1 patient had a breathing difficulty, 2% had grade-II systolic murmur, 1% had muffled heart sound and 3% had cardiomegaly (among which 1 child had pericardial effusion and 2 had dilated cardiomyopathy), said Dr Rewari.
At that time a loud systolic murmur was heard at the cardiac apex and an emergent transthoracic echocardiogram showed severe systolic anterior motion of mitral valve (SAM) and dynamic obstruction of the left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT) with a mean pressure gradient of 64 mmHg (Figure 1).
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