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a person skilled at systems analysis

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To be a systems analyst, you should have a broad knowledge of hardware, software and programming, a creative approach to problem-solving, the ability to gather and interpret information, excellent communication and presentation skills and the ability to explain technical ideas clearly.
To work as a systems analyst you normally need a BTEC HNC/HND or degree, backed up with industry experience.
The finance officer and business systems analyst began to work together closely to ensure that the needs of all constituencies were met.
To work as a systems analyst you normally need a relevant BTEC HNC/HND or degree, backed up with experience.
His job as a computer systems analyst doesn't give him much time for campaign activities and he hasn't raised any funds.
JOB DESCRIPTION: Systems analysts help to implement new computer systems within organisations, although their exact role can vary depending on where they work.
For instance, errors in the users' information systems requirements may remain undetected, and misunderstandings are probable if the systems analyst is ignorant of the relevant legal concepts and terminology.
There are five systems analysts, each having their own specialties.
These studies focused on various aspects of skill requirements but seem to lack totality of the essential knowledge, skills, and methodologies important to be a successful systems analyst.
The two basic types of non-teaching careers available to computer science graduates and others with computer science expertise are computer systems analyst and computer programmer.
Even according to this approach, the basic role of the systems analyst in the specification phases does not change significantly, although the methodology and the tools may change drastically.
He began his career in 1958 while serving a five-year tour of duty in the US Air Force as a systems analyst.
The training I received at the Academy was the best government-provided training that I have received in my government career," says participant Pete DiRocco, supply systems analyst with the Naval Inventory Control Point.
Positions such as computer programmer, systems analyst and database administrator already have more demand than bodies, according to the BLS and The Hudson Institute's demographic department.
For a practising systems analyst some of the major factors influencing ethical considerations (such as organizational culture (Trevino and Nelson, 1995)) when carrying out their duties are shown in Figure 1.
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