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an organizer who puts things in order

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While it would appear reasonable to object that Lope is not an effective systemizer because he embraces an honor code and a holy war that violate the basic tenets of Christianity (Valbuena Briones xliii; Holzinger 209; McKendrick "Anticipating" 224 and "Calderon and the Politics" 142-43), this interpretation reveals a modern rather than a contemporary social sensibility.
From the above, we would predict that those from the science faculty who have been characterized as more extreme systemizers resultant from exposure to prenatal testosterone typical of the lower normal male range will have a digit ratio in the higher male range (towards 1.
Each Systemizer contains a microprocessor, buffer memory and printer commands on external buttons.
It must be big-think of the biggest sort, a "theory of everything," as far as form is concerned, in the tradition of the great analogical systemizers in the history of thought: the Pythagorians, Aristotle, the Medieval alchemists, Vico, Blake, Hegel, Spengler, Bergson, Cassirer, Foucault, or more recently, the "integral" philosophy of Ken Wilber (I have not even mentioned recent work in chaos theory, systems theory, spiral dynamics, natural classicism, and other, more scientifically oriented approaches to artful manifestations of order and form in nature and culture, but now fly in the face of a fully skeptical scientific culture that is aggressively intolerant of such systematic, analogical-based claims about the genesis and evolution of form).
Even as children, autistic people are prodigious systemizers.
This does not mean, however, that the systemizers have the last word.
Empathizers identify with another person's emotions, whereas systemizers are driven to understand the underlying rules that govern behavior in nature and society.
Questionnaire data appear to confirm that people with autism are weak empathizers but strong systemizers (Baron-Cohen, Richler, Bisarya, Gurunathan, & Wheelwright, 2004).