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Synonyms for systemize

to arrange in an orderly manner

Synonyms for systemize

arrange according to a system or reduce to a system

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To further systemize the corruption within the bureau, Faeldon created the Command Center or ComCen, the committee said.
Results from the Rasch modeling and CFA with parcels indicated that the SQ-R measures a single dimension of systemizing, and it is therefore appropriate to use a summed SQ-R score to describe the extent to which an individual possesses a drive to systemize.
This proved to be an inspired move, because Dvivedi wanted to show that he could not only systemize Shinsei, but could also make those systems a core contributor to the financial quality of the bank.
In addition, in January 2005, the government prepared the 'Economic Crisis Management Manual,' in consultation with economic ministries and experts in the private sector, to systemize government responses to problematic economic circumstances.
Coaches help to order and systemize so that they find the time, the space, the energy.
Public authorities often attempt to systemize the innovative approaches made by local people, so that they replicate institutional arrangements, rather than developing a culture of their own.
The objectives are to: (a) strengthen institutional and regulatory frameworks; (b) systemize a registered pesticides and a database on pesticide imports and use; (c) remediate contaminated sites; (d) promote alternatives to chemical pesticides; (f) inventorize POPs pesticides; and (g) safely dispose obsolete pesticide stocks and associated waste.
Guidance Software (NASDAQ:GUID), the world leader in digital investigations, is expanding its presence at LegalTech New York to address the explosive demand for electronic evidence discovery ("eDiscovery'), particularly for in-house counsel who are increasingly seeking to systemize their internal processes to address the challenge.
Greenbrier & Russel, a business and technology services firm, has fused its industry leading practices in business intelligence and data warehousing to create an information framework that will systemize clinical, business and operational data for improved outcomes and decision making by healthcare organizations.
To terminate chemical substances in our stepping motors, it was important to systemize and control the substances included in our products and materials.
Our products include compliance process management, risk intelligence, and skills management systems to help systemize and simplify regulatory compliance processes through technology.