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  • verb

Synonyms for systematize

to put into a deliberate order

to arrange in an orderly manner

Synonyms for systematize

arrange according to a system or reduce to a system

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The teams work to continuously understand what standards already exist, refine the standard, and then systematize its practice.
In 2004, CVRD began expanding its production capacity and acquiring other companies, becoming one of the major diversified mining companies in the world, and it intensified its efforts to standardize, integrate and systematize its internal communication process.
A home-based work force active in the congregations allowed the WMU to regularize and systematize fund-raising, and because the Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong solicitations were annum events, workers and donors could anticipate them and plan their giving.
Whatever we can do to systematize repetitive events and spread the workload over the year makes our lives easier and allows us to make more money.
It should also include the ongoing creation and sharing of management reports, using the system to automate and systematize communications with prospective and current students, and providing self-service opportunities for prospective and current students to conduct business over the Web.
Mathematicians and others have been studying ways to systematize origami design by developing rules that would enable a computer to calculate what sequence of creases in a square of paper will produce a desired figure (SN: 1/21/95, p.
In order to handle the influx of firearms information, investigators should establish a central location or clearinghouse consisting of one or several individuals who organize and systematize firearms recovery data.
He wanted to systematize the knowledge that was gained, to replace habit and rules of thumb with precise and usually quantitative analysis.
They've been working with the MDS, but they haven't paid a lot of attention to data accuracy and how to systematize data for patient categorization under a case mix approach.
Through the 1700s, attempts had been made to systematize the use of chemical terms and names for substances.