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in a systematic or consistent manner

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PS30 Local James no We have seen a decade in which council budgets have been systematically ransacked by cuts
On the contrary, the forces that carried out the aggression on BiH had systematically planned, organized, encouraged and committed the war crimes, which has been confirmed by numerous judgments of international courts.
East Azerbaijan's provincial head of Intelligence Office has said ISIL-affiliated groups have been systematically under surveillance across the province, Abna reported.
Tana, 40, told judge Mr Justice Morgan: "The knowledge that my father and brother had been systematically defrauding my husband was extremely distressing to me."
Teaching is by far the largest profession made up of college-educated workers, which means that "policy makers are systematically disadvantaging our largest class of bachelor's-degree-equipped workers," said the report.
BEIRUT: Precious antiquities from eastern Syria have been systematically looted by gunmen, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
We have systematically been sacrificed on the altar of the service industries which, naturally, are largely based in the South East of England.
Speaking before the meeting Llanelli mayor Mr Lemon said: "In my view, and in the view of many people living in Llanelli, we've been systematically run down as an industrial town.
A CHANNEL 4 executive who was "systematically bullied" at work overdosed on drugs she took from a rehab clinic, a coroner heard yesterday.
Global Banking News-November 23, 2011--China to increase oversight of systematically important banks(C)2011 ENPublishing -
LAND Rover has been fined pounds 20,000 after it "systematically failed to manage risks" with hand tools - jeopardising the health of employees.
The purpose of this proposal is to examine whether variability in the quality of teachers' interactions (Emotional Support, Classroom Organization, Instructional Support) with students is systematically related to the children's development.
Summary: Oujda (east) - Human rights are abused and humanitarian aid is systematically embezzled by polisario in the camps of Tindouf on the Algerian territory, said, Friday in Oujda, the president of the Saragossa-based centre for Spanish-Moroccan studies.
The 130 X2 engine hydraulics and on-board computer have been systematically designed for efficient, maximum power and productivity.
South Wales Police said the birds had been "systematically killed" during a break-inThe heads of many of the birds had been pulled off during a break-in in the early hours of Saturday.
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