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in a systematic or consistent manner

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Friends without benefits: How states systematically shortchange teachers and threaten their retirement security.
China is planning to improve its supervision of systematically important banks and enhance cooperation with international financial regulations, according to the chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC).
The 130 X2 engine hydraulics and on-board computer have been systematically designed for efficient, maximum power and productivity.
A police spokesman said it was believed persons systematically killed the prize birds.
Her chapter on staff meetings is particularly practical, and she also advises on how to equip employees permission and tools to identify and stop problem behaviors amongst colleagues, develop respectful attitudes and behaviors, develop employee management skills and systematically accomplish needed change.
Hamas is a movement that has systematically denied the right of Jews to exist in their own state in the land of Israel, that denies any historic ties between Jews and the land, that propagates the rawest and crudest kind of anti-Semitism, including the Koranic statement that Jews "are apes and monkeys," a movement that systematically practices terror and that rewards Israel's disengagement and evacuation of Gaza with continuous and unrelenting rocket fire.
The setting for this historical fiction is during the reign of Henry VIII, when his government is systematically destroying monasteries throughout England and taking their land and possessions for the royal treasury.
The importance of systematically and continuously assessing student learning in higher education has been widely discussed.
The housing stock is being systematically evaluated for structural integrity and viability, and a significant number will not be viable.
In his letter he explained that Israel is "very sensitive to any attempt to distinguish between Islamic terrorism which systematically targets innocent Israeli citizens and that which is aimed at citizens of other countries" (Zenit August 28; Canadian Jewish News, September 1).
Nepal, faced with a mounting communist insurgency, systematically practices torture and ill treatment of detainees, a U.
To test the idea systematically, Bruce Anderson of the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, and his colleagues closely monitored flowers in the wild, leaving some of them as they were and removing the perches from others.
An investigation by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight found that Fannie Mae systematically misapplied generally accepted accounting practices and manipulated earnings reports to maintain an aura of stability.
It also involved an obsession with systematically improving quality and safety that to this day is still largely lacking throughout the rest of the private health-care system.
Builds on the same organizational structure validated in previous editions to systematically develop the principles, tools, and techniques of environmental chemistry to provide students and professionals with a clear understanding of the science and its applications.
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