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arranged or proceeding in a set, systematized pattern

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From the perspective of decision theory, prior to the conceptually designing of cost and benefit categories, a mandatory prerequisite must be a well-founded and systematical understanding of the underlying objectives of a BuS.
In the future, systematical analyses on simulated and real data are needed to verify the effectiveness and accuracy of Bayesian models for event-based fMRI data, which is an open question and one of the future extensions for Bayesian-inference-based approach.
However, in this study, by defining a systematical reduction approach, our aim is not to include or incorporate the preference of the decision maker but to present a generalized multi-objective optimization method for obtaining many possible solution candidates, that proposed method is applied as a scalarization approach like weighted sum method.
Systematical assessment of serum indices does not impair efficiency of clinical chemistry testing: a multicenter study.
However, to the best knowledge of the authors, there is a lack of reports on the systematical analyses about the aforementioned four effects in capillary rheology under high shear rates.
He is systematical, we have watched a lot of video and we have been feeding off him and he is bringing the best out of us.
He is very systematical, we have watched a lot of video but we have been feeding off him and he is bringing the best out of us.
There are two main themes 1) reflection of the needs of each state on priority order of the training system, and 2) systematical implementation of the training reflected the middle or long term human resource development plan.
Algerians were also being systematical reduced to the lowest ebb of their economic conditions.
This might cause a systematical error but it is small compared to including them in the calculation of means or standard deviations.
Instead of relying on the findings of modern science (17) and composing this project in the form of a systematical exegesis, Nursi preferred to rely on his inspirations which reflected his "close reading of the Qur'an.
Also, the cognitive theory and systematical analysis of the solution processes of addition and subtraction (Kamii & Joseph, 1989; Maza, 1991, 1999; Mialaret, 1984) were used to select the attributes that compose the cognitive structure.
The elaboration of the concept of contract "as a mutually accepted promise that takes the place of law for the contracting parties" (its substance and natural, political and moral limitations, 215) is illustrated by Wim Decock through the analysis of several problems (in a historical and systematical approach).
Hence by the criterion of irreducibility, the chaotic system is properly characterized not merely as teleonomical, but teleological, the operation of which can be likened to an neo-Aristotelian pump or engine for breaking down and systematical replacing any information that is present initially by a final form.
In this study, with the GMRES-RP serves as benchmark, we intend to assess the predictive power of TSM and T3SM of bistatic scattering from ocean surfaces, in a systematical manner under different conditions of ocean surface wind speed, polarization, frequency, and incidence angle.
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