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arranged or proceeding in a set, systematized pattern

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These procedures are performed to minimize bias or systematical error, and to obtain reliable results.
A long period of elaboration favors material enrichment, but it also endangers systematical precision and transparence.
"I think the information about the laws was very good because it updated the little bit that I did know and I also explained a bit about the framework of what you're working in a classroom, what the responsibilities of the teachers are, which is very helpful for my (student teaching) seminar." "I particularly liked our discussion about the individual education, the IDEA and the very, very systematical way we went through the principles involved in IDEA." In addition to the information about the law, supervisors appreciated the historical review.
Automation for Food Engineering: Food Quality Quantization and Process Control gives a systematical study and summary about concepts, principles, methods, and practices in food quality quantization and process control.
The difficulties in writing about the language of the Internet will persist for some years to come, given the fact that there are still very few large-scale empirically based studies: "The ideal guide to Netspeak would be one grounded in systematical empirical observation, providing a representative corpus of material, which would reflect the frequency with which Internet situations use and vary in particular structures.
A related improvement which is evident but more difficult to measure is the ability to have orders picked and packed so that the heaviest items end up on the bottom of the pallet and lighter items on top; while warehouses have wrestled with this issue for years there has been no good systematical solution up to now.
The author should be expected to draw conclusions from a systematical sample of an unknown totality (parent population) of protests.
A total of 12 patients received systematical assessment before and after nasal surgery.
In this sense, Biti's comprehensive and systematical analysis and reinterpretation of cosmopolitanism in the context of contemporary literary criticism and world politics are undoubtedly context-oriented, and by doing so, it becomes an important force in the profound study of cosmopolitanism.
Educating young students for a continuous and systematical practice of motor activities, due to their benefits to the human body at the physical and mental levels, is imperative for giving the society a healthy generation--a prerequisite for the development of the society in which we are living.
A systematical investigation on the spiders (Araneae: Salticidae) in Hatay province and its surrounding.
The geographical distribution of the virus is not systematical and it depends on climatic conditions.
This is the first systematical treatment of the theory of finite elements in Archimedean vector lattices, he says, and contains the results known on this area up to the year 2013.
In 1987, the United States Congress authorized the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) [8-10] The Program was conceived to develop standard criteria and systematical procedures to combine design with good pavement performance.
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