systematic desensitization

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a technique used in behavior therapy to treat phobias and other behavior problems involving anxiety

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Vagg and Spielberger (1995) suggested that systematic desensitization can be effective in managing test anxiety and the emotional reactions manifested prior to performance phase.
The behavioral counter conditioning procedure of systematic desensitization has been shown to be effective in the management of anticipatory side effects once they have developed.
Continued mindfulness, biofeedback, and neurofeedback techniques along with systematic desensitization can be helpful.
The systematic desensitization framework reveals how most of the responses to cyberbullying to date are mere coping mechanisms, rather than effective mechanisms, allowing parents, educators and the government to control their fear of cyberbullying but not cyberbullying itself.
Patients who have known triggers that usually cannot be avoided, such as the sight of blood and other conditioned responses, may be helped by behavioral therapies such as systematic desensitization.
The mutually decided treatment planning and proceedings comprised systematic desensitization, activity scheduling, anger- control techniques, cognitive restructuring and family and group counseling including teachers and friends to help her practicing the same at home and in other relevant situations (4).
Using guided imagery, combined with reciprocal inhibition and systematic desensitization, offers the anxiety or GAD sufferers a way to reduce and eliminate their anxiety and worry.
Solution): Systematic desensitization and counter conditioning is the only effective way to treat these dogs.
The concept of systematic desensitization holds great promise and, when refined, can be introduced to educators to augment existing swimming instruction and eventually contribute to the extinction of preventable drowning.
Behavioral and cognitive-behavioral strategies include: contingency management, shaping, social skills training, stimulus fading, systematic desensitization, relaxation training, and self-modeling.
9) While CBT could involve many specific techniques, the most common for treating a specific phobia would be a combination of systematic desensitization and cognitive restructuring.
Methods of acupressure tapping, a technique that combines physical distraction with systematic desensitization to reduce the impact of stressful thoughts and feelings.
argue that systematic desensitization is a key component of therapeutic interventions for children.
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