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These young adults don't feel like they fit in so why would they want to fit in to system of rules that won't help them.
In what is believed to be the first comprehensive security analysis of its kind, Damon McCoy, an assistant professor of computer science and engineering at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and a group of students at George Mason University found vulnerabilities in MirrorLink, a system of rules that allow vehicles to communicate with smartphones.
Law's role in society, Bybee believes, is to create a system of rules and standards addressing the fundamental question, "How are we going to conduct ourselves?
Alluding to the big division over the Iraq war, Annan said, ''We cannot abandon our system of rules, but we do need to adapt it to new realities, and find answers to some difficult questions.
The system of rules, based on hundreds of years of organizational experience, has become a standard reference for any voting situation.
Growth in trade, which was so essential to Asia and Europe's recovery from the Second World War, was fueled by the both of an international system of rules to govern trade and the establishment of a forum to promote trade liberalization (GATT/WTO).
The role of race is often invisible in public debate, the meaning of racial equality is distorted, and racism is usually understood as a matter of individual attitudes, not a system of rules.
Private disputes will remain and will be settled in legal form, and probably there will be new findings to which--in one way or another--the existing system of rules will be applied, while the political objectives, which are currently being tackled in connection with the issues of the displaced valuables, will cease to exist.
A comprehensive system of rules, policies, procedures, and special orders represents the backbone of accreditation.
Nevertheless, TEI members were encouraged to contact their legislators to voice their concerns about these proposals and, in particular, to suggest that proposals this draconian should only be considered on the basis of solid data of widespread and significant revenue loss as well as convincing evidence that the current system of rules is inadequate.
The first tenet in the program's handbook for teachers states, ``There is a need to recognize and value African-American language (black language) as a viable language with its own system of rules, sounds and meaning.
An additional system of rules specifies how agents bargain for and exchange sugar and spice according to their needs.
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