system of numeration

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It would thereby differ from the senseless system of numeration begun by Borges's Funes (OC 1: 489/CF: 135-36).
Introducing students to Egyptian numerals also added meaning to our own decimal system of numeration.
Hence, too, the meaning of zero, which is at once null quantity and the most fundamental arithmetical concept since it is the basis for the most functional system of numeration.
Responding to the standard accounts of the mathematics in this area that have been largely entrenched in three aspects--the sexagesimal system of numeration, the ingenious approximation to the square-root of two, and the famous mathematical tablet Plimpton 322--Robson presents an irresistible challenge to this orthodoxy.
As an example of this lack of understanding, the curriculum-reform efforts of the 1960s attempted to use different number bases to help young people understand their own base-ten system of numeration.
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