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ESMA began to impose the metric system of measurement across all sectors of the industry following a cabinet order and has so far successfully converted the usage of feet to metres in land measurement sand gallons to litres in petrol pumps and other markets dealing in liquid commodities.
In October the keepers of today's standards met to rethink the unit of mass--the last hurdle in their quest for a truly universal system of measurement.
Every civilization since ancient China has had some system of measurement, but there was no uniformity and little commonality.
The imperialist system of measurement which generally uses 12 as the standard unit makes more mathematical sense.
This leads to the conclusion of the book where the author claims without qualification that the entire international system of measurement in fact depends on the philosophy of Aristotle and Aquinas.
This so-called metric system was by far the most useful and logical system of measurement ever dreamed up, and all that stood in the way of its instant adoption was, first, the dead weight of tradition, and second, the hostility of the rest of Europe to the French Revolutionaries.
For years now, there has been talk that the metric system will replace our traditional system of measurement.
Yet without validation, any system of measurement is suspect.
Prior Information Notice: Providing a system of measurement and monitoring of radiological installation of high energy proton
As that story unfolds, so does the tale of the system of measurement used to chart 3 million square miles of territory.
The reason: The Lockheed Martin Corporation built the spacecraft using the English system of measurement, while the National Aeronautics and Space Administration launched the craft using metric.
Huffman, President of Internal Command International commented: "What started fourteen years ago as a request by a beverage manufacturer to come up with a system of measurement for output from beer kegs without any external power source, has grown into a system which will have global impact.
The State Transportation Commission today eliminated the use of the metric system of measurement on all Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) projects, thus joining a national trend of keeping with the English system of measurement.
A uniform system of measurement will help separate the sites that are really driving Internet traffic in China from those that are simply on the periphery.
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