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an instruction that is either not recognized by an operating system or is in violation of the procedural rules

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The bank said a system error caused a small number of customers to receive routine alerts for accounts that were not intended for them.
Such a doomsday scenario could result from an accidental missile launch, a system error, or a miscalculation.
Leon Zwieska-Sibley, public relations manager for the Docklands-based company, said: "It was a system error that the dead horse got through and was left in the prices.
In an effort to determine what impact health system errors1 have on medical malpractice claims, The Doctors Company, the nation's leading physician-owned medical malpractice insurer, conducted a closed claims analysis and found that system errors contributed to 30 percent of settled claims.
Deutsche Bank said the unit, Deutsche Securities Inc, has identified a trading system error that caused an excessive number of orders in Nikkei 225 futures and Nikkei 225 mini to be sent to the Osaka Securities Exchange during the morning session on June 1.
She said the system error cost customers an average of about $2 per account for the three-month period, but added that any errors in Oak Park accounts probably would total less money.
In those days, the disk drive was the most common cause for system error or crash.
Gladiator also monitors key systems such as routers and switches to identify potential problems including memory utilization, system error fault messages and bandwidth analysis.
Then their final two tries, we had two defensive system errors and that's the game.
System errors were defined as technical and equipment problems or organizational flaws.
System errors have plagued all branches of medicine, and we have been slow to recognize them and to fix the systems, instead blaming the workers or ourselves.
To make matters worse, these little spikes wreak havoc in terms of logic confusion, system errors and frozen screens.
The XG-C60X also comes with a wireless remote control and special software that connects the projector to a PC, to aid in diagnosing system errors.
It includes a self-healing agent that avoids system errors, allowing users to resolve problems quickly through its optimised, assisted support.
A well-maintained drive will perform more consistently and reduce tape/drive system errors as well as improve compression rates.
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