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a person in charge of managing and maintaining a computer system of telecommunication system (as for a business or institution)

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The next five messages were all from the System Administrator. I began to suspect that these were automatically generated each time I received another email that put me further over the limit.
The League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA) is an independent nonprofit professional association dedicated to advancing the practice of system administration.
As part of the agreement, Mountain West Telecom also helped Linux Networx to make better use of its existing system by training four Linux Networx employees as system administrators to troubleshoot errors and provide daily support.
For maximum security, users select AC9 (ITS) passwords with the system administrator having no access to these and users can change passwords at any time.
Messenger was originally intended as a means for system administrators to send information to their users on a network.
-- Mandatory access control allows the system administrator to set up policies and accounts that will allow each user to have full access to the files and resources he or she needs, but not to other information and resources not immediately necessary to perform assigned tasks.
Either option will automatically look for QuickTime[R] software on the user's system and will attempt to install it if not present (some systems require system administrator privileges to install any software, your IT support personnel can help you if this is the case).
"The system administrator can use various categories to prioritize the programs and express any batch processing policy he or she wants," explains Tweten.
Has the system administrator removed all hacker programs, sniffers, and tools?
Your firm or company's system administrator can likely access any message you send, even those you've deleted.
Beginning this year, a Dynix library whose system administrator successfully completes a new series of certification workshops will receive a 15 percent discount on annual maintenance fees.
It is standard procedure for the system administrator to be the central contact point for addressing all problems relating to computing equipment.
The solution offers close integration with the Kaspersky Administration Kit management console, enabling the system administrator to deploy and administer anti-virus protection from a single control point on any node, including file server, workstation or mobile device.
Using a conversational style, veteran system administrator Limoncelli describes a number of time management strategies that have been tailored specifically for busy IT industry professionals.
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