system administrator

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a person in charge of managing and maintaining a computer system of telecommunication system (as for a business or institution)

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Over the years, savvy system administrators have developed two methods to help resolve trust issues:
This new system administrator course broadens our offerings to serve the group of users who interact with CMS400.
Automatic transfer of system updates to Contactual's backup system, eliminating the need for system administrators to manually replicate system changes in the Contactual Backup Tenant used for disaster recovery.
Adequately maintaining a telecommunications system is key to its longevity and functionality, and by having system administrators onsite, Linux Networx will be able to address many problems that arise with little or no outside assistance.
System administrators have been using the console port for a considerable length of time.
This comprehensive program uses a variety of media to reach Navy personnel, Navy and Marine Corps families, and system administrators, who maintain the Navy and Marine Corps information infrastructure.
System administrators want the ability to dynamically migrate a volume (target or LUN) from one host to another.
With Latest Hyperic HQ Version, System Administrators Can More Easily Manage Heterogeneous Environments with Free Downloads
The Windows(R)-based and Web-based user interfaces have been improved to help system administrators easily manage networks of any size, from small Local Area Networks (LANs) to large installations with thousands of sensors.
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