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a primitive wind instrument consisting of several parallel pipes bound together

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Herniation resulted in cord compression and syrinx formation within the spinal cord from T4/5 through T9/10 (red arrow in figure 1).
The rare spinal condition is characterised by a fluid-filled cavity or cyst known as a syrinx that forms within the spinal cord.
(1,3) A syrinx is believed to be the most common underlying etiology of the neuropathic shoulder, being identified in 80% of upper extremity Charcot and 25% of neuroarthropathic joints overall.
Symphony Hall was plunged into darkness for a dreamlike performance by Marie-Christine Zupancic of Debussy's bewitching Syrinx - followed immediately by an inspired transition into the earlier and differently-glorious Printemps.
Cecile Chaminade's spurned lover and Claude Debussy's Syrinx program).
Blues, and Misha, with Zap and Syrinx as parents, as they are the only fillies in the field and the lightest too at 52 kilograms, with all the colts weighing 54 kilograms.
"I still have the syrinx. I still have burning nerve pain from my neck down, it just doesn't have me," she said.
This method of encoding sexuality within total exposure of the body is seen in Arthur Hacker's paintings: Syrinx (1892) [Fig.
The common carotid arteries were observed to give off the tracheosyringeal branch, which supplied the syrinx and trachea, and the thyroid artery, which supplied the thyroid gland.
The structure, called a syrinx, belonged to Vegavis iaai, a bird that lived 68 million to 66 million years ago, researchers report online October 12 in Nature.
For Debussy, late compositions including Syrinx for solo flute (published 1927) and the Cello Sonata (1915) reveal bolder gestures than were common in his earlier music.
In only 9% of cases was an underlying pathologic condition found: 29 patients had spondylolysis or spondylolisthesis, 9 had Scheuermann's kyphosis, 5 had a syrinx, 2 had a herniated disk, 1 had hydromyelia, I had a tethered cord, and I had an intraspinal tumor.
Magnetic resonance imaging showed extensive syrinx cavities, an intramedullary lesion at the T4-T5 spinal cord level e, and a subarachnoid haemorrhage.