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a primitive wind instrument consisting of several parallel pipes bound together

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He has up to 95% improvement with the spinal syrinx reducing and most actually disappear within three months.
Radiographic signs of the disease may include increased soft tissue opacities in the lungs, air sacs, trachea, syrinx, and sinuses as well as asymmetry of the air sacs, with noticeable outlining of the air sac membranes by fluid accumulation or air trapping if airsacculitis is present.
Although this scene is extracted from a chase narrative, Syrinx is standing feet firmly together not running.
Clarke's team examined that syrinx, which hadn't been studied before, and the one from V.
Clarke, whose research is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), discovered the fossil syrinx and led the analysis.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed multiple syrinx cavities from the brainstem to the lumbar spinal cord.
The initial visit to neurosurgical outpatient clinic confirmed the clinical findings, with radiological findings of a 11-mm pannus behind the dens, with associated compression of the medulla and a syrinx (Fig.
Cantamus choir THE chamber choir Cantamus, supported by the Syrinx Recorder Ensemble, will perform at St Paul's Church in Craig-y-Don this Sunday, April 24, at 7.
10 Hence, tumours of the syrinx are called syringomas, and tumours of the acrosyringium are termed poromas.
Open defects were associated with abnormalities such as hydrocephalus, Arnold-Chiari, syrinx.
Because of the syrinx, birdsong is composed almost purely of air(compare with humans: just 2 percent air), meaning Arni's voiceis more like an articulate whistle than it is my own.
16%) deteriorated due to spinal cord injury and syrinx, and 9 (18.
1620) is believed to have been made in his master's studio, and Jordaens's Pan and Syrinx (c.
The pan pipe, or syrinx, is an ancient instrument; it was mentioned in Homer's Iliad and was known in ancient Egypt.