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Note that the colloquial versions of several Class II diseases are Class I (influenza and the flu, delirium tremens and the DTs, gonorrhea and the clap, syphilis and the syph).
Rabelais writes for the convivial, and consequently for those who must have poisoned their livers and contracted the pox, because syph was the New World's swap with Europe in their exchange of epidemics; it was the six teenth century's AIDS, heedless pleasure's penance.
Bemerkungen zur Histologie der systematisierten Naevi und uber "Talgdrusen-Naevi." Arch Dermatol Syph 1895;33:355-94.
some of them give the kids the syph., (6) Morris saw the film The Beast of Berlin, and the "Kaiser Devil" being "burned in effigy." Saying "AufWiedersehen" was the nicest thing about meeting Germans.
MacGillivray, presumably on missionary authority, did allow a modicum of female agency in explaining the 'paucity of children': as the 'effects of syph ilis', introduced by traders but less evident in the vicinity of the mission, due to 'the protection' afforded women and their 'greater inclination...