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Synonyms for synthesize

to combine and adapt in order to attain a particular effect

Synonyms for synthesize

combine so as to form a more complex, product

combine and form a synthesis

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reported the CZTS film of 2.9 [micro]m with the ratio of S below 40%, which was prepared by layer-by-layer sol-gel technology in air with the synthetizing temperature of 593 K [14].
It also offers the advantage of synthetizing several studies on the implementation of IPSAS at the international level.
In an age of electronic information, our intellectual pattern of documenting, selecting information, compiling and synthetizing needs to constantly go through a dynamic process of adaptation to the innumerable electronic resources available.
Heliatek was able to optimize the absorber layer system of the record-breaking cells through synthetizing the right materials.
National identity here--defined as an over-arching concept embracing and synthetizing diverse but not contradictory components--can no longer be conceived of in the crude and rather virginal terms of its origins.