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Synonyms for synthesis

Synonyms for synthesis

the process of producing a chemical compound (usually by the union of simpler chemical compounds)

the combination of ideas into a complex whole

reasoning from the general to the particular (or from cause to effect)

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is the industry's only provider of MATLAB-based algorithmic synthesis solutions, including DSP intellectual property (IP), for embedded DSP design.
The VR Stamp modules sell for under $30 in volume, and can handle multi-level menus of speech recognition command sets and speech synthesis prompts.
The combination of Synplicity's Synplify Pro([R]) logic synthesis and Synplify([R]) DSP synthesis software offers designers using the Xilinx Virtex-5 SXT devices superior quality of results and exceptional productivity for DSP-oriented designs.
Unlike other established equivalence checkers, synthesis-tool-independent 360 EC-FPGA allows FPGA designers to leverage the optimizations afforded by FPGA synthesis tools and to verify the design "as is," without having to switch off optimizations and undertake extensive manual scripting.
Synplicity's unique approach to DSP synthesis is compelling when you compare its methodology to language-based flows or other tools that generate RTL," said Chris Ciufo, group editorial director for Military Embedded Systems magazine and DSP-FPGA.
We see Actel in many sophisticated applications, requiring engineers to push their designs to the maximum," said Simon Bloch, general manager, Mentor Graphics Design Creation and Synthesis Division.
According to Nachiket Urdhwareshe, SoftJin's CEO, "We worked with the defacto leader in the HDL front-end component software space, Verific, to integrate their proven HDL front end with our Programmable Synthesis Engine so that our programmable platform customers have access to seamlessly integrated Synthesis solution from RTL onwards.
Starting early last year, the companies began working on support for the new Virtex-5 FPGA families within the Mentor Graphics family of synthesis tools.
Catapult Synthesis starts at pure ANSI C++, the highest level of abstraction, to provide an immediate productivity advantage over both RTL and SystemC-based hardware design methodologies.
By bundling the highly reliable and fast Synplify Pro software within our ZeBu compiler, augmented by the ability to parallelize the synthesis process on farms of PCs, we will offer our customers an advanced and compelling implementation solution," said Lauro Rizzatti, vice president of marketing and general manager of EVE-USA.
The Synplify Premier software represents a breakthrough achievement and this award demonstrates our continuing leadership position in the FPGA synthesis market.
Catapult C Synthesis is now a proven tool that helps accelerate the development of high quality signal processing hardware," said Philippe Magarshack, FTM group vice president, Central CAD & Design Solutions General Manager, STMicroelectronics.
Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT) today announced that Pioneer Corporation's Mobile Systems Development Center has chosen Catapult(R) C Synthesis and Precision(R) RTL synthesis tool to create digital signal processing (DSP) hardware.
Nominated in the EDA Design and Implementation category, the Synplicity Synplify Premier software features graph-based physical synthesis technology, merging optimization, placement and routing to generate a fully placed and physically optimized design.