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Synonyms for syntax

the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences

a systematic orderly arrangement

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studies of the rules for forming admissible sentences

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Syntax is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec and Core Services in Somerset, New Jersey.
Snelling described Doctor Syntax as a "good sire as well as a great racehorse.
Syntax Communications is a part of Synergy Group and was established in 2004 as an independent Strategic Communications company.
Syntax helps companies streamline their IT infrastructure, in a bid to make their IT processes more cost-effective, reliable and available.
The patients in the SYNTAX trial - all of whom have left main and/or three-vessel coronary disease - are a unique study group in the PCI field.
Syntax refers to the rules of grammar that help us arrange words into sentences.
Researchers have traditionally held that syntax arose only as the vocabulary of prehistoric people grew large and unwieldy.
Syntax is known for its cost-competitive Olevia LCD TV line, ranging from a $500 20-inch screen model to a $3,699 42-inch screen unit, with the bulk of the line falling below $2,000.
After a lengthy and detailed study of the poetic collection she contends that Du Bellay is perhaps more modern in his syntax than in his orthography.
An example in the language of technology would be XML (eXtensible Markup Language), the new syntax that underpins the World Wide Web and enhances and extends HTML (HyperText; Markup Language).
The advanced search syntax is more complex than a Folio search.
By William Fellows Directory and connectivity specialist Syntax Inc is changing its business model and has set in place a plan to become a $200m company in four years' time by doubling its revenue for the next three.
Linguists with various specialties summarize the current thinking in all the major areas of empirical investigation and most of the modern approaches to syntactic theory, and consider areas where syntax interfaces with other parts of the human language system.