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related as members of a syntagma


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One type of syntagmatic relationship that is all but omitted is that of object/perspective.
Like the eulogy for the Unknown Soldier, such details integrate the particular, the syntagmatic, or the everyday Robert Ross with the general, paradigmatic, or epochal soldier's portrait and fate.
The section on "Federal Wilderness Areas" is the more provocative in this highly unusual textual syntagmatic relationship.
After the application of W-Syntactic rules, S-Syntactic Rules are activated to finally determine the combinatorial behavior of the word in its immediate syntagmatic context, the NP.
The risks of such harmonization, however, were first drawn attention to by Hausenblas (1962), who pointed out that different languages prefer different types of terminological nomination and that, moreover, there is not sufficient agreement between them in repertoire or in the pragmatic and syntagmatic obligatory character (this difference emerges in the adoption of terms).
In a longer study of the Rvf, I seek out a syntagmatic system able to stand next to the widely diffused paradigmatic system of the Petrarchan lyric.
Liberated from a rigid syntagmatic axis, the structure of Hole in the Moon suggests a "vertical analysis of a situation"--to use Maya Deren's definition of the avant-garde film.
4-5 of 9) "phonoindexicality," by which sound supports semantics throughout both the paradigmatic and syntagmatic planes of a developed artifact--as in Hopkins' sonnet "Hurrahing in Harvest.
In addition to paradigmatic dualism and duality, Mouzelis also proposes that we think in terms of syntagmatic duality and syntagmatic dualism.
The speaker addresses the winter and its gales with a "salud" that is both a salutation and a welcoming, in a double gesture also implied in the syntagmatic disposition of this opening "salud salud," within whose repetition the winter's days and winds are contained.
However, the Portuguese translation remains faithful to the syntagmatic structure of the Yoruba language without offending the grammatical structure of the Portuguese language.
tambien Heine et aL 1991, Hagege 1993), que describe el fenomeno como un proceso constituido por seis parametros que se desarrollan de manera paralela (integrity, scope, bondedness, syntagmatic variability, paradigmatic variability y paradigmaticity, v.
Working in his "associative monologue"(2) both along the paradigmatic and syntagmatic axes of language, Antin demonstrates the possibility of renewing and revitalizing the very definition of poetry.
4] For Jakobson, the fact that metonymy is a syntagmatic rather than a paradigmatic phenomenon, a matter of syntax not semantics, adequately explains the 'neglect' it has suffered.
Her conclusion: "The syntagmatic structure of the opening credits might be described as a theme and variations, where Cosby is the theme and each child - and his wife - appear as variations.