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a syntactic string of words that forms a part of some larger syntactic unit

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These Birchensha--Royal Society documents each relate to ultimately ill-fated ventures undertaken by Birchensha to promote his musical ideas to the Royal Society fellows, who initially encouraged and supported him, but ultimately became disaffected following his failure to publish the promised Syntagma musicae.
LAST week I was in Athens and took the metro to Syntagma Square.
There's more to Greece than the quaint Santorini, of course -- Rathee began his Greek sojourn with Athens, marvelling at old ruins, and wondering about how the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athen's Syntagma Square, must have looked like in its prime.
I expected to see crowds in Syntagma Square, the scene of protests outside the imposing Parliament Building and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
52 First for best correct The Foreign Office warns there may also be demos in Syntagma Square in central Athens.
Syntagma Square typifies such a transformation in central Athens.
According to Athens News, the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE), which represents the private sector, and the public sector ADEDY, have urged all working people to take part in a protest demonstration in Syntagma Square in central Athens.
Also shown was Syntagma, 1983, a multilayered sketchbook investigating film as rhc method for an artwork comprising bodily performance as well as feminism in theory and practice.
In its most schematic form, it produced the well-known diagrams, examples of which Granger included in his largely Ramist Syntagma Logicum.
bar] Greek Communist Party members take part in a protest at Athens' main Syntagma Square David Cameron George Papandreou
Crowds massed in Syntagma Square near parliament in Athens, many of them waving communist party flags, awaiting the outcome of the vote.
We soldier on without hope," said Constantinos, opening the doors of his coffee shop just off Syntagma Square after the main demonstration.
Police used tear gas to clear some of the protesters, who included a 500-strong anarchist group, from central Syntagma Square opposite parliament, an AFP reporter said.
while in Belgrade Whoops he begins "The Aussie couple sitting across from me at a table in Athens's Syntagma Square complains about the pollution in the city.