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a syntactic string of words that forms a part of some larger syntactic unit

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It would be worth to express a sceptical attitude towards the "civil political option" syntagm, because it does not have clear semantic structure, as well as a "nationalist policy".
Miriam Eliav-Feldon suggests that for the "ideal imaginary societies" of the Renaissance we should use the syntagm "realistic utopias," signifying possible meliorist alternatives to the contemporary social reality.
For (tsukin) densha for instance, a simple solution would be to use the syntagm 'tren urban' ('urban train'), which is understandable for the Romanian readers, even if not widespread.
In the present analysis, the syntagm "fantasy (delusive picture, airy vision)" is used with the connotation of "imagination, desire", so that it does not refer, in any way, to ghost or chimera.
For Kosuth's texts disturb the priority of both image and voice, driven as they are by the simple imperative that they be consumed by reading alone, or that they pass by the viewer/reader as a textual still life overlooked in the distracted march of the endless syntagm of TV images.
A marble sarcophagus agape like deaths toothless gums is certainly an image to "make night hideous"; the syntagm has become an emblem of Arany's idiosyncratic transubstantiation of Shakespeare's imagery.
The phenomenon of initial /- phrase in (1) is thought to have originated in a structure in which the l- syntagm is post-verbal (2).
Of course, one does not have to traverse a text solely along a progressive, rectilinear syntagm.
The logic of group polarization, in this context, is a syntagm used by Sunstein to describe a series of possible explanations for the polarizing effects of deliberation in groups constituted by individuals who share with varying intensity--moderate or extreme--opinions favorable to one side in a wider moral, political or social debate.
Eco-Bio-Economic-Safety directed to the economic, biodiversity, food security and food safety aspects, introduces--the new syntagm of the Eco-Bio-Economic Food Safety, to define also to a new syntagm--the Eco-Bio-Economic Social Safety, focusing the Customer Satisfaction and equally the Customer Protection, considering that food safety and social security have among other important objectives, a common target--customer satisfaction and its protection- and in extension, all interested parties.
It has been effectively replaced, by means of rhetoric measures, with a large collection of its discursive substitutes, thus turning the toponym "Eastern and Central non-Germanic Europe" and its synonyms into that which can be termed "empty syntagm," a ready-made structure for achieving whatever goals are defined and pronounced outside East Central Europe.
According to this biaxial scheme, the vertical is the axis of order, paradigm, symbolic function, disutility, unimpeded sightlines and disembodied omniscience, whereas to the horizontal belong disorder, syntagm, enunciative function, utility, partial sight lines and exposure to visibility.
In] the syntagm 'bare life', 'bare' corresponds to the Greek haplos, the term by which first philosophy defines pure Being.
However, the translation of the syntagm [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] as confused disorganisation is mine.
The syntagm "blind, imperious instinct to become known," which she uses to characterise him, is highly relevant: it is a critical remark on Clifford's 'addiction' to fame and to his devouring ambition of getting himself known by all possible means.