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a syntactic string of words that forms a part of some larger syntactic unit

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Much like the construction VERB + NOUN, the component to the right, which behaves grammatically as a noun, is the direct object of the verb fare and, therefore, the syntagm is intransitive.
The weight of the argument, as Luciano Ferrari Bravo observes, is put on the second component of the syntagm "naked life": life (280).
The first one, henceforth called hidden actor constituent, corresponds to the syntagm that includes the interrogative word and it is generally located at the left of the action constituent.
Syntagm refers to how the sequence of events in the story, and the relationship between the sequence of the words, illustrations, and events helped to create additional meaning.
The layered organization of the NP, and possible parallels with the clausal syntagm, have been investigated in various linguistic frameworks (also in generative grammar, and in cognitive grammar), first in relation to nominalization, and then afterwards also in nonderived nominals.
Soalm wogdo refers to the narrative genre; it is a qualifying syntagm of the same type as soalm kuesse.
See MALCOLM BARNARD, FASHION AS COMMUNICATION 171 (Routledge 1996) ("Non-verbal signs such as items of fashion and clothing, like linguistic signs, then, take their meanings from the context, or syntagm, in which they appear.
1 of In the Surgery, this aphoristic sentence raises issues (two, at least) of a similar nature: the first, regarding the meaning attributed to the syntagm to swma ergon e~ thn skeyin agein; the second, regarding the structure of 'cognition', since an element like 'reasoning' (in Greek, logismo~), which according to modern categories of psychology we might not ascribe, in the strictest sense, to the sphere of aisqhsi~, appears alongside the five senses and, what is noteworthy, seems not to be distinguished from them as to its cognitive function.
which constitute the narrative continuum at every point of the syntagm within chapters or breaks" (42), is the one that is more useful for the discussion at hand.
To pinpoint the specific problematic of this notion more conclusively--a notion in which not only the grammatical categories active and passive, subject and object, transitive and intransitive but furthermore the concepts of agent and patient, cause and effect, potentiality and actuality, ability and act lose their clear differentiation--Spinoza designs the striking syntagm "se visitantem constituere", to constitute or show oneself as visiting.
If characters or narrative agents who reappear in a story's linear syntagm are so disposed symmetrically--say, FBI Agent Mulder alone and lost in the woods in an episode's opening and closing scenes, and Agent Scully alone and lost in a building in a second and a penultimate scene--then we seem to have an inclusio, a case of symmetrical englobement or emboxment or ring composition based on themes of locality.
The dominant blues syntagm in America is an instrumental imitation of train-wheels-over-track-junctures.
59) If only via collocation: for the syntagm serv(ir)+loyaute, see among others CB, XXXIII, 30.
On the other hand, dixi is a minimum syntactic element, in the sense that there can be no smaller syntactic unit in a syntagm containing dixi.
When it appears in a syntagm following bi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Qiu Xigui, "Shi xiu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]," in Qiu Xigui xueshu wenji [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Shanghai: Fudan daxue chubanshe, 2012), 1.