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a set of one or more synonyms

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The challenge however, is to compute an absolute and single polarity score for each word from its multiple synset entries.
This module maps query phrases with ontology concepts via WordNet [31] synsets (synonym sets) by assigning the structured meanings of the ontology to plain text.
A link is used to connect two items, and also it connects a PWN synset to an AWN synset.
a lexicon (a net of synsets or clusters of terms ) extracted by means of NLP tools from a set of parallel corpora of EU legislation and case law.
Por exemplo, se o conceito codificado pelo synset {car, auto, automobile, machine, motorcar} estiver associado a {air bag} atraves de PARS, os conceitos hiponimos de {car, auto, automobile, machine, motorcar} herdam essa relacao.
Precisamente, foram selecionados todos os synsets organizados sob o synset {wheeled vehicle}.
The logical representation is given by the synset of the word, this way we reduce the work of considering the synonymy relationship of EuroWordNet (6) (EWN) since it is implicit.
Cada synset se etiqueta con uno o varios de los dominios de una taxonomia de dominios de ambito general denominada WordNet Domains (Bentivogli, Forner, Magnini, & Pianta, 2004; Bernardo Magnini & Cavaglia, 2000; B.
In WordNet, ID index number for each Synset is unique, when the semantic relationship defined by Synsets can be deemed as a pointer existing between them.
WordNet is an online lexical database with a hierarchical structure, where a node is a synset (a set of synonyms) and is linked to other nodes with some relationship.
A combination of word form, its part of speech, and the sense is called a synset.
1 in section 7) a similar example for English is given where for the synset dance:1 there is a pair dance [] dancer derived according the agentive D-rule.
A ideia de matriz lexical parte da hipotese de que, dado um synset bem formado, o falante e capaz de inferir, a partir das unidades lexicais que o compoem, o sentido ex presso pelo conjunto.