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a set of one or more synonyms

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A snapshot of the modified synset entries of the Bengali word Angshu is shown in Figure 2.
a lexicon (a net of synsets or clusters of terms ) extracted by means of NLP tools from a set of parallel corpora of EU legislation and case law.
Por exemplo, se o conceito codificado pelo synset {car, auto, automobile, machine, motorcar} estiver associado a {air bag} atraves de PARS, os conceitos hiponimos de {car, auto, automobile, machine, motorcar} herdam essa relacao.
In Ontology, when a specific Synset is accessed for a uniquely determined concept, that's, statistics on specific meanings for a concept (attribute) in a special ontology are performed, similarity transformation is carried out on the basis, to improve the quality of instances.
1 in section 7) where for the synset tancovat:2, tanc it:2 the pairs tancovat [] tancovani, tan[]it [] tan[]eni (dance [right arrow] dancing) can be found.
This is an important and complex task because, unlike WordNet synset names which are comprised of lemmatized terms, a large fraction of the Wikipedia categories have complex names expressed via inflected wordforms and some of which contain also stopwords.
Firstly, an initial ontology consists of two sub-trees from both the web directory and WordNet synset graph respectively.
When a user enters a keyword to search some information about a resource, the synset extraction process queries wordnet (15) to retrieve the synset of searched keyword.
Each word has a category_id and it is related with synset table.
Semantic graph generation by merging triplet elements with respect to the synset they belong to.
We called this model "Personalized Synset Similarity Model" because it extends the classical vector space model:
Also note that concepts 'Price' and 'Cost' share the same synset in WordNet, which is in the ontology described by an equivalent operator ([equivalent to]) among them.
Each hierarchy represents lexicalized concepts (or senses) organized according to an "is-a-kind-of" relation, where a concept s is described by a set of words syn(s), called synset, and the words w [member of] syn(s) are synonyms according to the sense s.
It groups words into sets of synonyms called synsets, provides general definitions, and records semantic relations between these synonym sets (Fellbaum 1998).
Cigarran ; "Indexing with WordNet synsets can improve text retrieval "; Actes de 17th International Conference On Computational Linguistics and the 36th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics-Workshop on Usage of WordNet for NaturalLanguage Processing ; 1998.