synovial fluid

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viscid lubricating fluid secreted by the membrane lining joints and tendon sheaths etc


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Synovial fluid samples from all 3 joints were tested by using PCR.
Each of the joints in the human body contains synovial fluid, which is produced within the thin layer of tissue lining the joints called the synovium.
The levels of anti-filarial antibodies (IgG, IgM and IgG4) to filarial antigen (Sd30) in both serum and synovial fluid are shown in Fig.
Additionally, crystals in synovial fluids may cause a falsely increased count and may need to be confirmed with the manual count.
Characterized by pain and swelling, the disease emerges in hand, hip, knee and other commonly used joints where degradation of cartilage and synovial fluid results in bone-on-bone abrasion.
Hyaluronic acid (HA) represents one of the main components of synovial fluid and contributes to its elasticity and viscosity.
Laboratory tests on blood, urine, or synovial fluid are not required for the diagnosis of knee OA, but they may be used to confirm or exclude other inflammatory conditions.
In order to give Andrew a chance of playing in the second and third Tests, he received a series of artificial synovial fluid injections into the knee joint and cortisone injections into some of the bursa on the outside of the knee joint to help settle the inflammation," the statement added.
Among the topics are MRI for assessing erosion and joint space narrowing, structural and clinical aspects of degenerative arthritides, sonography in difficult cases of arthrocentesis and synovial fluid analysis, inflammatory myopathies, and MRI false positive findings.
The advantages of this technique are related to the increase in stiffness of the graft, the achievement of a more anatomic fixation, and a reduction in synovial fluid leakage.
A thick, clear lubricant (which contains carbon dioxide and some nitrogen) called synovial fluid is found between the bones.
Also sometimes referred to as a popliteal cyst, it is a lump filled with synovial fluid (joint fluid) that forms behind your knee.
A study of the effect of Hyal-Joint on synovial fluid concluded that Hyal-Joint increases intracellular HA, which would be followed by HA secretion into the extracellular space.
It is also present in the synovial fluid of joints and eyes, providing moisturizing protection.