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presenting or taking the same point of view


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Practice-related issues also identified concern the assumption that completeness equates to accuracy (eg, "the main issue with synoptic reporting is that completeness can mask accuracy"; "synoptic reports are a form of presentation but do not necessarily mean that the data is more accurate").
All in all, the synoptic pattern as it evolves over the next seven days, continue to display the features of a weak La Nina across the Pacific.
of British Columbia) argues for a new synoptic text, summarizing recent relevant research in the academic disciplines toward the subjective and social reconstruction of the public sphere that is the school classroom.
This is a point of some importance: we should not import into Thomas, without justification, an understanding or interpretation of a saying derived from the synoptic parallel.
In order to investigate what kind of man Jesus was and what it meant to be a man in the ancient Greco-Roman world, Asikainen examines the portrayal of ideal masculinity in the Synoptic Gospels.
To test the accuracy and speed of identification of specific data elements in a synoptic report, a Python script was written that provided instructions and a test platform for these quizzes.
Tenders are invited for This Competition Relates To The Purchase Of Seven (7) Laser Ceilometers To Meet Aviation Modernisation And Automation Project (Amap) Requirements, With The Optional Purchase (At Met ireann~S Sole Discretion) Of An Additional Seven (7) Laser Ceilometers To Meet Synoptic Aws Requirements.
2 billion pixels Large Synoptic Survey Telescope is built in the Chilean Andes.
No where else in the Synoptic Gospels do such hymns occur.
Saudi-based systems integrator Synoptic recently won the 'Huawei Partner of Year' award for 2013.
Voicebrook will demonstrate VoiceOver[R] 5, along with its newest module, Structured Results Entry -- a fully speech-enabled synoptic reporting solution.
The positioning of the various influential synoptic patterns, influence of their air-flows and the forthcoming results have matched this the expected pattern.
For academics, this question is the essence of the synoptic problem.
North Carolina) makes a case that the author of the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas was familiar with the canonical synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.
P in statistic and synoptic methods by use of rainfall records and evaporation of water surface.