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two words that can be interchanged in a context are said to be synonymous relative to that context

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If the synonym phren would be listed next to the official term diaphragm students would easily understand terms such as n.
The third synonym is 'to begin and carry on an activity.' By this, I refer specifically to the use of technology to propel associations forward as they are now constantly challenged, among others, by declining revenues, competition from Internet-based knowledge resources, and changing demographics, e.g., the entry of millennials into associations.
Class five: Provides all the documents that each one contains the synonyms of the two related biological terms only or one term and the synonym of other term.
Comparison of photographs of the holotype of Psallus eximius Reuter on the web site of the Museum Victoria ( object.php?im= 1018466) with those provided by Schuh and Pedraza (2010) indicate that this nominal species is the senior synonym of Wallabicoris cuneotinctus Schuh and Pedraza.
Number of synonyms per decade was directly proportional to the number of described taxa, with a mean rate of one synonym per four taxa each decade (Figure 2).
In order to increase capacity, Bolshakov gave the definition of relative synonym that words in the same synonym set are synonyms in some contexts, but are not synonyms in other contexts [5].
In this book, Reinhard Weipert presents the annotated edition of four unknown treatises collecting synonyms for the word dahiya, stemming from (as of yet) unique manuscripts.
Writers use synonyms to avoid repetition and liven the prose.
Contextual synonym is a linguistic phenomenon often applied but rarely discussed.
"The synonym search feature is the one users are excited about," says Ed Stover, curator of the National Clonal Germplasm Repository.
Detailed information on surfactants is referenced by trade name, chemical component, chemical synonym, function/application, and supplier.
"We don't have more problems living chastely than heterosexuals do, because homosexuality is not a synonym of incontinence, nor of uncontrollable urges," reads the letter, posted on the Web site of the Italian Catholic news agency Adista.
Instead, Conniff trots out a mythic lesbian couple with a meticulously manicured lawn, enchanting garden gnomes, and a penchant for "minding their own business." Conniff might take note that to many members of the queer community, minding one's own business is a synonym for hiding one's sexuality behind a well-tended facade of middle class respectability.
They have taught me that the fancy word is justified only when it is truly more precise than a simple word, or when it makes the reader laugh, and is at least forgivable when the writer is desperate for a synonym. The worst way to use fancy words is to impress the reader with the writer's intelligence.
The usage note in American Heritage Dictionary says "Enormity is frequently used to refer simply to the property of being great in size or extent, but many would prefer that enormousness (or a synonym such as immensity) be used for this general sense and that enormity be limited to situations that demand a negative moral judgment, as in Not until the war ended and journalists were able to enter Cambodia did the world really become aware of the enormity of Pol Pot's oppression.