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one appointed to represent a city or university or corporation in business transactions

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The news was reported Thursday by the factory's syndic, attorney Stefan Georgiev, cited by Darik Radio.
This plan must be accepted by the syndic judge, approved by creditors and confirmed by the syndic judge and only after that can be implemented.
Before they began their long walk through the city, the prioress informed a syndic of the nuns' wish to keep quiet.
Kornbluth also wrote Takeoff (1952), a science-fiction detective novel about the first space flight, and The Syndic (1953), about organized crime in a futuristic United States.
After he lost his press to Fust, Gutenberg came under the patronage of Conrad Humery, a syndic of Mainz, and continued to print books.
Aujourd'hui, le syndic judiciaire a trouve[beaucoup moins que]judicieux[beaucoup plus grand que] de suspendre pratiquement la majorite des acquis sociaux des salaries du site petrolier de la ville des Roses, indique une source bien informee requerant l'anonymat.
9/4 for fourth place among the syndic entertainment mags.
Depuis, cette date, la societe est geree par un Syndic et un juge-commissaire nommes par le tribunal.
Le syndic est une sorte d'administrateur et gestionnaire des parties communes dans les habitations collectives en copropriete.
Though attendance flagged over recent editions of the syndic TV trade show, NATPE prexy and CEO Rick Feldman says that the move has reinvigorated registration to the point that the sign-up rate is "pacing double where it was last year.
Le syndic designe par le tribunal est sur tous les fronts.
A ce point de l'observation, il appartiendrait aux services publics concernes de favoriser et d'obliger les habitants de tout batiment a organiser la gestion de leurs immeubles par la designation d'un syndic y residant ou avoir recours a un agent exterieur du meme ordre.
Disney's syndic arm already made a move in that direction last year with the launch of "Legend of the Seeker," the first new syndicated drama that any major distrib has tried in years.
A defaut, la liquidation judiciaire est decidee et le tribunal designe le juge-commissaire et le syndic.