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a mass of cytoplasm containing several nuclei and enclosed in a membrane but no internal cell boundaries (as in muscle fibers)

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The astrocytic syncytium may also influence neuronal survival by coordinating the spatial delivery of metabolic fuels, thereby maintaining both mitochondrial and cellular integrity.
In the absence of any strong and adverse response from the root cell, like localized cell death or callose deposition, a syncytium is initiated from ISC.
We also observed that most of the PS particles accumulated predominantly in the syncytiotrophoblast layer, which indicates that the syncytium is a major determinant of NP transfer.
Syncytium covering the stem villi is desquamated on considerable extent and replaced with fibrinoid.
Syncytium depends upon the maternal blood supply for its oxygen requirement and reduction of villous vascularity impairs the oxygenation of the syncytium.
The cells are small, uniformly bland, and polygonal to round and are arranged in a syncytium with indistinct cell borders (figure 3).
Sporozoite entry in target cells is a rapid process and within 15-30 minutes of invasion the infective sporozoite eliminates the enclosing host cell membrane and free in cytoplasm, parasite then differentiates into a multinucleated syncytium called a schizont.
osteocytes are found in the bone at the level of the mineralized matrix, connected by their extensions, among themselves and with bone lining cells, therewith forming the so-called osteocyte syncytium representing the receptor organ for the mechanical forces which, by acting on the bone, determine the initiation of the remodelling process.
NB-2 and NB-64 are "drug-like" molecules and significantly inhibit HIV-1 mediated syncytium formation and the six-helix bundle formation between NHR and CHR.
1995, "Characterization of HIV type 1 from Romanian children: lack of correlation between V3 loop amino acid sequence and syncytium formation in MT-2 cells", AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, vol.
The increased turbulence in the intervillous space may damage the syncytium and increase perivillous fibrin deposition, so both the chronic injury of the perfusion of the placenta and/or nutritional deprivation could eventually lead to impaired development of the villi (5).
Multinucleate giant cells are also present and form a syncytium at the trophectoderm:uterine LE interface.
Measles virus spread between neurons requires cell contact but not CD46 expression, syncytium formation, or extracellular virus production.
The heart had a well-developed muscular syncytium and four chambers, which was characteristic of the mammals.