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unite (beliefs or conflicting principles)


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We syncretize, in this approach, actions that interface teaching, research and extension within the Institutional Program for Introduction to Teaching--Pibid (12)--Portuguese, maintained at the Federal University of Santa Catarina with scholarships from Capes/MEC and coordinated by us from July 2010 to March 2013.
Both scenes visually syncretize the fundamental biblical analogies of sowing and harvesting the Word of the Lord with the topographical features of the land of Malaysia.
89) This "unity-in-opposites" formula (90) holds together whole states such as Indonesia (whose official state motto is "bhinneka tunggal ika", freely translated as "unity in diversity"), but it also syncretizes contradictory political strategies.
A language representing this lexicalization type has one marker that syncretizes the notions of Location and Source, and a separate marker to express Goal.
The poems from Somewhere in Advance of Nowhere (1996) open with "Adupe," a celebration of poetry written by Nicolas Guillen, an Afro-Cuban poet, political activist, and writer who is remembered as the national poet of Cuba and renowned for poesia negra that syncretizes black and white cultural elements.
The sound track syncretizes thumping techno beats, classical piano, tamboura drones, crashing noises, and even the Nice's 1967 pounding protoprog-rocker "Flower King of Flies.
32 and Ficino's commentaries on Plato's Symposium and Phaedrus, he details the dynamics of an artistic creativity that syncretizes Neoplatonic epistemology with Pleiade prescriptions of poetic practice.