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unite (beliefs or conflicting principles)


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Furthermore, the way that local people handle Christianity does not have to be entirely systemic (see Hirsch's 2008 critique of Robbins); it is not that one society has syncretized it, one has taken it on whole, or that one has rejected it in favour of their existing customs; rather, all three (and any other permutations) may co-exist within the same society, and I think that is the case for the Oksapmin.
The figure on the left is undoubtedly Isis and, in my opinion, undoubtedly a depiction of a syncretized Isis-Victoria-Fortuna.
The worship of Guan Gong is now ensconced in the Cuban Yoruba religion today (a religion of African roots), syncretized with the worship of the Spanish Catholic Santa Barbara and the African Chango.
In the 1910s the First World War and the death of Gaudier Brzeska determined for Pound the reasons of his poetry and of The Cantos then in fieri: these reasons can be syncretized in a vorticist sense with these lines from the Pisan Cantos (Canto 78), where Pound is quoting the Spring and Autumn Annals, that he attributed to Confucius:
This echoes Vertovec's suggestion that within contemporary youth culture "facets of culture and identity are often self-consciously selected, syncretized and elaborated from more than one heritage.
Wang's ideal man, the white egret, is utterly immersed in this perfectly syncretized ideal of the Three Teachings that have shaped Chinese civilization for two millennia.
Micaela's Dominican mother recites Psalm 51:36 as she prays to the serpent god Damballah syncretized with St.
If so, this and references to foreign ideas such as references to Adang and Ewang (Adam and Eve) in Arndt's texts may mean that he was dealing with already acculturated informants and syncretized narratives.
And, different from the violent and lethal encounters that often intersected at other points along the colonial frontier--and there were many instances of that on Kodiak too--the distinctive set of circumstances that coalesced and were molded in shared spaces gave impetus to a syncretized community of empire that to a greater extent than elsewhere functioned to the benefit of not just the colonizers but, eventually and to some degree, the colonized as well.
Koch-like curve [12] and Sierpinski Gasket are syncretized in main-minor way, comprising so called Sierpinskized Koch-like sided bow-tie (SKLB) multifractal.
The emergence of African-American religious practices is the combined product of varied indigenous African religious practices syncretized with unique religious forms created during New World enslavement.
Bonfim, an iconic location of Afro-Catholic practice, is syncretized with the supreme Candomble deity, Oxala, a trope for the Judeo-Christian God.
Sister Mary's infusion of African cosmology with Christianity is, according to Coleman in Faithful Vision, in keeping with numerous works of African American literature that represent "hoodoo's fusion with Christianity and the Bible and a syncretized faithful vision" (7).
So the slaves syncretized their deities with those of the Catholic Church just so they could get away with worshipping without being punished.
During the introductory stages of Ifa in America, African Americans primarily adhered to versions of the spiritual system that syncretized or blended Ifa with Catholicism.