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unite (beliefs or conflicting principles)


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At the offertory, among the gifts were a "tin ingot" and "a rich golden padi stalk." The spiritual habitus is thus transformed into a space that syncretizes the language, the culture, the symbols, and the produce of the land.
So, in languages which are said to syncretize all three spatial roles, I propose that there is one spatial marker with the feature <Place>, which is locative only.
In Chapter 2 Tobias Gregory examines Petrarch's Africa and Vida's Christiad, presenting the former as a failed attempt to syncretize Christian and classical notions of heaven, and outlining the latter's attempts to create a Virgilian retelling of Scripture.
Faithful vision is "a belief in sacred, spiritual, and supernatural agency that saves the race and furthers the purposes of individuals who adhere to this agency; it is culturally inscribed as a primal-type racial symbol diversely accessed by people in terms of gender and individuality and by religious denominations and communities that sometimes syncretize Christianity and voodoo / hoodoo" (4).
It also ignored the "cult to the volcano" in the region that corresponds to religious practices that syncretize Catholic beliefs with the pre-Hispanic "Tlaloc God" cult.
While stylistically not as impressive as the dialogues produced by many of her male counterparts and structurally similar to a disputation, it reflects her epistolary exchanges with Foscarini and marks "a turning point in her development as a writer and thinker" (142), for it exhibits her ability to syncretize classical and patristic sources.
Mullins has been charged with developing a department that will syncretize all purchasing throughout the company.
They did not syncretize or collapse their Andean-Europeanness, Dean argues; rather, "by keeping the Andean distinct from the European," they "bolstered their place in between" (168), as powerful cultural mediators.
Gould's formulation expressly rejects as "false models" both the concept of warfare between science and religion and any program to unify or syncretize the two domains.
It rejects the "church" model that attempts to penetrate and Christianize the environment and syncretize with a variety of cultures.
Ruppel rejects an adverbial source for this construction and, since the genitive and dative syncretize from an early date, finds it conceivable that a datival use fed the genitive absolute, but was then itself lost.
stage, a variety of productions of Athenian drama have been emerging that syncretize the ancient form with distinctly U.S.
Yet though they are declining in numbers, many adherents of the two major religions still syncretize their faith with traditional beliefs.
Christian and African spiritual beliefs often syncretize in some denominations and, just as in colonial times, devout Rastafarians yearn to rejoin the spiritual land of their ancestors.