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omit a sound or letter in a word

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modify the rhythm by stressing or accenting a weak beat

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The six shiny elephant turds in Afrodizzia, 1996, are studded, voodoo style, with the names of Miles Davis, James Brown, and Cassius Clay, and do not so much interrupt as punctuate - even syncopate - a background of explosive Technicolor mayhem in which coilaged heads of black heroes (each sporting his own painted-on Afro) float and bob amidst kaleidoscopic layers of intense patterning.
This book is truly a treat for the senses: the vividly colored pictures delight the eye and the rhythmical language syncopates a beat.
She bops the opening bars of "It Was a Good Time," the last of the four songs, but then, under Fosse's direction and in no small part due to the close-up television now permits within theater, Liza does a reveal, breaking and Brechting apart "live" and "living proof": She syncopates Method and (who knows?
suggested that Earth's climate doesn't swing with sunspot rhythms but instead syncopates to the beat of the tides.