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Synonyms for synchronizing

an adjustment that causes something to occur or recur in unison

coordinating by causing to indicate the same time

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Lemma 1 (Lemma 3 in [8]) Let Q be the set of states of a synchronizing strongly connected n-state DFA.
It's also about synchronizing every aspect of the order management cycle with the customer in mind.
"It costs about 10 times less than shipping by air, so through deliberate planning and synchronizing, we can get it to the right place at the right time and do it much cheaper."
In benchmark testing, comparing and synchronizing two databases with 19,000 stored procedures, 2,000 tables, and several thousand other schema objects took five minutes.
A: This error message usually pops up in one of two situations: Either an appointment entry in Microsoft Outlook 97 or Outlook 2002 is damaged, or you're synchronizing a single appointment that was originally created as a recurring appointment.
These patents demonstrate Starfish's strong leadership position in the development of technology for synchronizing data of all types.
Yet Documents To Go's functionality goes beyond simply synchronizing with the desktop.
There are several caveats to remember when synchronizing data, many of which are detailed in the AnyDay synchronization release notes.