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Synonyms for symptomatic

Synonyms for symptomatic

characteristic or indicative of a disease


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Once it appears that this is truly vestibular disease, your cat will be treated symptomatically with medications to help with nausea and balance.
These patients were managed symptomatically and supported by intravenous fluid support.
All these patients were treated symptomatically and none of the patients required drug withdrawal.
Stop it: 6 Use decongestant drops to keep your nose clear, something like Sudafed, and treat your cold symptomatically with paracetamol if necessary.
The majority of the literature recommends treating symptomatically in a similar fashion to an eczema flare including daily moisturizing, bleach baths, and topical corticosteroids as needed.
Although HDM allergic rhinitis can be treated symptomatically with oral antihistamines and nasal steroids, allergy immunotherapy has the appeal of addressing the underlying disease mechanism and potentially altering the long-term course.
The patients might get better symptomatically, but we haven't really treated the underlying condition.
Best case scenario, we will deal with it symptomatically for the rest of their lives with all our lotions and potions.
The patient was improved symptomatically on discharge.
Acute as such questions have become in a world of seven plus billion people with broadly shared material aspirations, the mere possibility that public innovation could be used to decouple natural and human systems, for instance through advanced nuclear technologies, symptomatically does not make it on to the book's list of Vital Alternatives.
Few rabbits that exhibited diarrhea after 2 days of antibiotic therapy were symptomatically treated.
Often rabbits are treated symptomatically for the most likely causes due to financial limitations.
Critical analyses of their remarkable oeuvres typically read them symptomatically, as so many manifestations of aberrant, antisocial, even pathological states.
Doctor Bichu recommends that parents should not treat any fever with antibiotics but should treat the flu symptomatically, as overdosing on antibiotics will make the bug resistant and these will no longer work.
He reported episodes of worsening abdominal pain, but was treated symptomatically with conservative measures after abdominal imaging including CT scan failed to show any acute changes or any evidence of perforation.