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Each patient completed OSDI and SEEQ questionnaires for the assessment of dry eye symptoms and, on that basis, the patientswere further divided by the median of SEEQ, in accordance with the symptoms, into twogroups: the severe symptom group and the mild symptom group.
Additional research is needed, however, to characterize normal patterns in the data, identify the most effective detection algorithms and symptom groups for various purposes, and characterize their sensitivity and specificity when used prospectively in real time.
Each of the symptoms was reported by respondents in this sample as being relatively severe, with mean severity scores for each symptom group being over 3.
The nonspecific symptom group included seven symptoms: "headache," "unusual tiredness," "tension," "difficulty concentrating/remembering things," "dizziness," "feeling depressed," and "nausea.
Table 1 lists the mean focus settings by symptom and the number of subjects assigned to each symptom group.
A significant low Qmax and high PVR were also reported in the obstructive LUTS patients, but PdetQmax and MVV didn't differ much in different symptom groups.
The chosen items included four main symptom groups, namely activation level, well-being or euphoria, depression, and irritability or low concentration, which could be observed in both mood states (7).
The estimation of these analyses was performed separately for the two symptom groups that were discussed in the previous section.
There were significant, but non-linear differences between the low, medium, and high depressive symptom groups and typical past year employment (F = 4.
Independent samples t tests were conducted in order to see whether the OBQ and III total scores would differentiate high and low OC symptom groups.