sympathetic vibration

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(physics) vibration produced by resonance

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Sonority: Focus On Sonority And Color, Pedal, Sympathetic Vibrations
This is due not only to the sympathetic vibration of the oro-facial tissues and sinuses of the face and skull, but also to a coupling of the vibration of the upper surface of the vocal folds with acoustic pressures above the glottis.
While it is true that we can't directly feel the raising and lowering of the palate, our sensation of sympathetic vibrations is exquisite.
Pumps that are beneficial in irrigation and flood control may have negative effects on the areas surrounding the pump station, or the main shaft may break if there are strong sympathetic vibrations.
44) "Freak Out" (ending) SYMPATHETIC VIBRATIONS (p.
Neil Beloufa seems fascinated by the sympathetic vibrations between opposing forces, and his recent solo exhibition at Francois Ghebaly Gallery (formerly Chung King Project) demonstrated his precise ability to let dichotomies collide.
Ear-Walking Woman, a homage to John Cage's prepared piano works, employs many of the preparations that he developed during the 1940s: coins to simulate the sounds of the gamelan, screws to create sympathetic vibrations, and electrical sheathing to deaden the strings.
The strings on the piano are singing because of sympathetic vibrations to the resonance of your voice.
A great college president teaches every class and every student, playing the keyboard of the campus like a great virtuoso, moving distant keys and distant strings by sympathetic vibrations.
Regardless of any sympathetic vibrations, understanding the vocal folds' own vibrations is paramount.
In the first of these, titled "Heartstrings," Thomas provides a nuanced reading of the survival of aspects of Renaissance thinking about music's powers into the eighteenth century, in medical discourses and in writings describing the effects of sympathetic vibrations that could help the body become "in tune" with itself.