sympathetic vibration

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(physics) vibration produced by resonance

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Its technical meaning derives from the field of Acoustics, in which it is defined as an "intensification and prolongation of sound, especially of a musical tone, produced by sympathetic vibration.
The sounds, probably produced by the elephant's vocal cords, set up a sympathetic vibration in its forehead.
Pumps that are beneficial in irrigation and flood control may have negative effects on the areas surrounding the pump station, or the main shaft may break if there are strong sympathetic vibrations.
44) "Freak Out" (ending) SYMPATHETIC VIBRATIONS (p.
Neil Beloufa seems fascinated by the sympathetic vibrations between opposing forces, and his recent solo exhibition at Francois Ghebaly Gallery (formerly Chung King Project) demonstrated his precise ability to let dichotomies collide.
Ear-Walking Woman, a homage to John Cage's prepared piano works, employs many of the preparations that he developed during the 1940s: coins to simulate the sounds of the gamelan, screws to create sympathetic vibrations, and electrical sheathing to deaden the strings.
The strings on the piano are singing because of sympathetic vibrations to the resonance of your voice.