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Synonyms for symbolize

Synonyms for symbolize

to serve as an example, image, or symbol of

Synonyms for symbolize

express indirectly by an image, form, or model

represent or identify by using a symbol


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Summary: Research International (RI), one of the world's leading marketing research and innovation agencies and a member of the WPP Group, announced a new global re-branding initiative that symbolizes the company's ongoing commitment to partnering with clients on their most challenging innovation efforts.
As mentioned earlier, blue is a color that symbolizes longevity.
I like to think that these candles symbolize not only prayers, but also the people who pray them.
Micheaux uses the novel's two primary settings, South Dakota and Chicago, to symbolize these two states of being.
In the middle of the room the project's title was displayed in the form of a neon sign splashed with fuchsia pink paint that had dripped to the floor, covering a variety of objects meant to symbolize the values that Ray needed: a ring, representing a pledge of faith; a T-shirt with his recent portrait, symbolizing the courage to look failure in the face; gym shoes, evoking the security of standing on his own two feet; an energy drink and some cosmetics, connected to body treatment and personal care.
Kwanzaa's symbols and rituals: the corn that symbolizes our children, the fruits and vegetables that symbolize the rewards of working together, and the lighting of the candles of the Kinara, for instance, are now performed by millions of people of African descent between December 26 and January 1.
Two snuffed candles symbolize the darkness of that day, and two doves (symbolizing peace and the hopes of mankind) rise from the devastation, their wings singed by the fires.
Some Feng Shui teachers believe it is best to have the higher side hills or mountains on the right as you face the house, representing the green dragon (believed to symbolize creation of good fortune).
One of the five service covers or a civilian cap is placed on each empty plate to symbolize their sacrifices.
The "battle" depicted between forces of God and forces of Satan was really the confrontation in history between the church, the earthly institution that represented the rule of God, and the Roman empire, the earthly structure used to symbolize the rule of Satan.
Embedded in the earth, its roots symbolize the tribal elders, while its youthful branches stretch to the sky, expanding outward to support exquisite, back-lit beaded canopies, which arch above the path.
Names, images, and mascots that symbolize native Americans are used extensively in the United States, particularly in sports and advertising.
The campaign features a blue butterfly to symbolize a metamorphosis of Empire, which redesigned its product portfolio, developed the largest provider network in New York and used technology to improve customer service.