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Synonyms for symbolize

Synonyms for symbolize

to serve as an example, image, or symbol of

Synonyms for symbolize

express indirectly by an image, form, or model

represent or identify by using a symbol


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Red is a positive color, as it symbolizes the expulsion of evil spirits.
The lighting of candles has a deep religious meaning in Ireland and is heightened during Christmas, when it symbolizes hospitality for the Holy Family.
I like to think that these candles symbolize not only prayers, but also the people who pray them.
The big preachers have big uncontrolled appetites that symbolize their unmanliness.
It means that we ignore what the mainstream has to say about us-good or bad- and decide for ourselves what we want our skin color, our hair texture, the fullness of our lips, and most importantly, our heritage, to symbolize.
Some Feng Shui teachers believe it is best to have the higher side hills or mountains on the right as you face the house, representing the green dragon (believed to symbolize creation of good fortune).
One of the five service covers or a civilian cap is placed on each empty plate to symbolize their sacrifices.
The "battle" depicted between forces of God and forces of Satan was really the confrontation in history between the church, the earthly institution that represented the rule of God, and the Roman empire, the earthly structure used to symbolize the rule of Satan.
Embedded in the earth, its roots symbolize the tribal elders, while its youthful branches stretch to the sky, expanding outward to support exquisite, back-lit beaded canopies, which arch above the path.
Names, images, and mascots that symbolize native Americans are used extensively in the United States, particularly in sports and advertising.
Unfortunately, the roaring fires of this industrial riverfront city came to symbolize something other than progress.
The result is an exotic mixture which Bennathan apparently intended to symbolize a blending of cultures and styles, classical and contemporary--a kind of Mediterranean potpourri.
More than any of the classical biblical prophets, Ezekiel was given to trances; symbolic actions, such as eating a scroll on which words of prophecy are written in order to symbolize his appropriation of the message, or lying down for an extended time to symbolize Israel's punishment; and strange visions, including one of the throne of God, which he describes as being supported by a kind of chariot featuring a series of wheels within wheels.