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  • verb

Synonyms for symbolise

represent or identify by using a symbol


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express indirectly by an image, form, or model

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With exactly one month until the Olympics get underway, London Mayor Boris Johnson has joked that the Olympic rings symbolise, amongst other things, chastity.
The night-time setting symbolises the darkness into which Christ is the bearer of light.
Miley got the artwork to symbolise Miley got the artwork to symbolise homosexual homosexual solidarity with the equal rights for solidarity with the equal rights for after New York State legalised after New York State legalised couples campaign, gay weddings.
There's lily of the valley which symbolises sweetness and humility, then there are ivy leaves which symbolise marriage.
They say this is to symbolise the wish of the majority of voters in the West Midlands who want to have their say on the revised EU Constitution.
At the end, as I was taught, you slam a book down on the Prayer Desk to symbolise the end.
Les trois sommets du triangle representent les trois mandats de service principaux de toutes les SADC, savoir: 1) la planification et le developpement strategiques communautaires; 2) les services de consultation aupres des entreprises; et 3) l'acces au capital La feuille d'ierable symbolise le lien avec le Programme national de developpement des collectivites, alors que le changement de couleur progressif et l'apparence stratifiee representent la croissance et la transition vers un avenir meilleur.
It will symbolise her rebirth as an artist," said an aide.