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Synonyms for symbolical

Synonyms for symbolical

relating to or using or proceeding by means of symbols


serving as a visible symbol for something abstract

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However, as we read and reread his early, as well as his later poems, we come to realize that the image of the dead Jews of Europe--among them his father Haim, his brother Yehoshua, and his nephew Yossele--have never granted him a peaceful moment, even on his deathbed, with the old Berl Feldman taking control- at least on the symbolical level--over the mind and heart of Amir Gilboa.
The work, indeed, questions "the theme of a philosophical doctrine sub specie picturae" and must therefore be contextualized in the opposite direction of the "expansion of the rhetorical and symbolical borders of the literary culture" (276).
Also they constitute the symbolical raw material of "intension.
During this period of transit and voyage, the bill of lading by the law merchant is universally recognised as its symbol; and the indorsement and delivery of the bill of lading operates as a symbolical delivery of the cargo.
Francoise Loux's paper on the rationality of popular recipes (collected by folklorists in the XIXth century) reconstructs a coherent conception of the sick body and the strong link between empirical and symbolical therapeutics.
While it may help guide an individual out of harm's way (as some of our research suggests it may), in general its intimations are so whimsical and symbolical and fragmented that they have no general usefulness.
Tahtamaa of the novel is at the same time a real place and a symbol, and its symbolical space allows it to encompass numerous meanings.
Concepts and devotions such as 'holy water', ritual prayers or symbolical icon veneration were regarded by suspicious clergy as being too close for comfort to the vestiges of 'Romish superstition'.
has word processing capabilities that have been enhanced with the graphing functionality of the TI-83 Plus, as well as the symbolical algebraic system of the TI-92 and TI-89.
the members of the former royal family) have combined entrepreneurship in the tourist industry with traditional ways of enlarging their symbolical capital, thereby establishing their interpretative monopoly regarding most cultural and religious affairs in the region so dependent on cultural tourism, as 'Acting Global, Thinking Local in a Balinese Tourist Town'.
This new practice appeared in connection with symbolical and theological explanations emphasizing the eucharistic elements as the body and blood of the living, risen Christ.
Symbolical killings, fantastic rides, imaginary mass murders -- all must be brought out.
Cixi did not really want a Western-style portrait of herself, he explained, but a symbolical and allegorical composition, more like a monument to commemorate the Empress of China.
By pointing out the importance of identities and identification, session 9, "Private Identities in Public Settings," demonstrated the symbolical aspects of migration and "difference.