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moving and bending with ease

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Curiously, there are people who voice opinions like this even though they themselves are far from sylphlike and might be considered fat by slimmer folk.
No doubt because, as the report shows, 45 per cent of man are obese as against only one in three of us sylphlike things who fill up on fruit and veg while they overdose on sugar, salt and booze.
5--Color) She's sylphlike in a bias-cut dress by Moschino, $780; Neiman Marcus.
Easy there, calm down," I said softly, because Cleo was coming to join us with her swarm of sylphlike paladins.
At 5ft 4in and weighing a sylphlike 8st 9lb, he's a pint-sized power machine with a sparkle in his eye and a presence that belies his tiny frame.
Former French Open champion and Wimbledon semi-finalist Sue can still boast a sylphlike figure and has a fabulous wardrobe of clothes.
Looking sylphlike in his concert get-up--his face slashed ear-to-ear by a band of black paint, his eyes behind their pale contact lenses flashing a roadkill stare--Manson lolls backstage, discussing the teen murders in Littleton, Colorado, and his special place in their history.
The sylphlike, weightless woman and the tall, slender prince have long been the ideal aesthetic for ballet dancers.
Ever self-deprecating about her appearance, Kate's sylphlike figure has attracted endless criticism about her weight.
The composition's rigidity is relieved by the sylphlike presence of the three girls, who are all wearing white dresses; the older two are standing while the youngest lies on a sofa.
But the former dancer follows a healthy eating regime too, to keep the sort of sylphlike figure most 20-year-olds would love.
Dressed in a long, wafting gown, Lynch glided across the stage, arms stretched, chest open, simultaneously sylphlike and strong.
The sylphlike waif is making way (again) for the creature with rounded tits and ass and a defined "natural" waist.
And modern dance itself, although it very soon embraced its own streamlined century, started with the far from sylphlike Isadora Duncan.
His mission became tangible in 1999 with his sylphlike costar, Jean Butler, who co-produced and choreographed the evening-length production of an Irish epic retold in Dancing on Dangerous Ground.