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divide into syllables

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At the second statement of this point Aldrich avoids Palestrina's neighbour-note figure, ascending instead to the tonic C; a similar cutting and syllabifying of the melismatic material follows.
Vocal scores print texts according to standard rules for orthographic syllabification, while IPA transcriptions follow phonetic principles in the syllabifying of text.
One of the primary uses of IPA transcription is its focus on exclusively phonetic/acoustic considerations when syllabifying. For singers, this has the effect of clarifying any pronunciation ambiguities that may arise from looking only at the printed text, and (especially in French) of reinforcing the correct timing of the phonetic events.
[o] cioccare giorno lascio [o...] doccione giovane colascione [c] cio, cioe, cioccolata giostra sciogliere, sciolto [c...] ciofo gioco, Giove sciopero For lexical vowel clusters of three or more, it will be a matter of determining where the semiconsonant lies (there may be more than one), and syllabifying accordingly.