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Synonyms for syllabify

divide into syllables

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After the opening point (in which he tends to syllabify rather than cut melismatic material), Aldrich quickly makes the work his own by inserting two brief sections of original material (both given in Ex.
Also, it is disallowed to syllabify the [h] as the coda of the first syllable since this renders the second syllable onsetless.
With the items 5, 7, 8 and 9 on the survey form, it was aimed to determine whether preschool children have visual sensitivity to letters and words (Item 5), whether they try to read (Items 7 and 8), and whether they are able to syllabify short words they frequently come across (Item 9).
With the Item 9, it was aimed to determine whether students are able to syllabify short words before schooling.
Likewise, they are also able to syllabify the names or other words that they read and write with a natural pronunciation.
One might well ask whether an awareness of how words syllabify has any practical relevance to singing.
The word does not obviously syllabify as Halb-insel unless the component words are recognized.
Certainly it is important to be able to syllabify correctly any polysyllabic word, in order to determine exactly where juncture occurs.