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forming or dividing words into syllables

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Much of the research on Standard and dialectal Arabic has been devoted to major phonological aspects related to syllable structure, sonority scale, stress placement, syllable weight, syncope, apocope, and syllabification (Abdo 1969; Al-Ani 1970; Brame 1970; McCarthy 1979; Abu-Salim 1982; Alghazo 1987; McCarthy & Prince 1990; Abu Mansour 1995; Adra 1999; Mobaidin 1999; Watson 2002; Abuabbas 2003; Btoosh 2006; Dickins 2007; Rakhiya 2009; Al Tamimi & Al Shboul 2013; Youssef 2013; Heselwood & Watson 2013; Al Mashaqba 2015; Hwaidi 2016; Btoosh 2018, to name just a few).
(NF, 162-63) Graham reverses the hierarchy that is operative in normal language use: it is precisely syllabification, stress, and phonemic relations that are constraining the syntax, forcing it into stress positions, distorting it over the ends of lines.
(74) Each of these pieces includes conventions of Western music composition that make it "proper"--most notably, Adler's arrangement, which "corrects" Carlebach's syllabification for Modern Hebrew-speaking audiences (from the original "e-EH-sah EI-nai"; to "e-SA ei-NAI" to give one example).
A quick lesson in pronunciation, or syllabification.
Strategies that support self-monitoring, such as rhyming words, syllabification, spelling patterns and rules, affixes, root derivatives and rehearsing for memory, enhance word consciousness when they are explicitly taught.
(34) Semivowel Onglides Semivowel Codas /wa/ k'wada 'to swallow' /aw/ [k.sup.hh]a[??]u 'to roast' [p.sup.h]wada 'naked-neck chicken' [??]jau 'cat' /ja/ t'ja[??]la 'to want, seek' /aj/ [p.sup.h]ai 'to be heavy' s'jana 'dry season' wufai 'francolin (bird)' The main reason for analyzing these as consonant codas is that they behave as such in terms of syllabification and tone distribution.
The division of the given words with regard to syllabification is as follows:
Prosody, semantics, syntax, syllabification and phonemic awareness are also enhanced with music (Milovanov & Tervaniemi, 2011).
(8) Criticism of Liszt's overemphatic text settings, excessive accompaniment, incorrect syllabification, overwhelming chromaticism, and unrealistic vocal demands frequently appear in twentieth-century scholarship.
V-slots allow the syllabification of words containing problematic consonant sequences, as in a.fV.ta, which then exhibits the typical syllabic pattern of the language (the pattern where syllables are formed of one consonant and one vowel, which is the most frequent syllable type in Portuguese) (19).
The syllabification of a word-final consonant as the beginning of the next word has been coined 'consonant transfer' (Hale 1984).
Through the rhythmically increasing syllabification of these words, and the repetition of the correlative "cosi," the first section of the poem builds to a crescendo that culminates with the word "disanimata," thereby dramatically making explicit either the peak's or the stone's inanimate qualities that were only implied by the preceding adjectives.
Clive Hart had undertaken this syllabification in order to prove that English words were the most numerous and the most important in Joyce's book: "My principal object in syllabifying has been to put on show the English words hidden away in the portmanteaux, together with some of the most obvious of the other meaningful syllables." (Hart 1963: 344).