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Synonyms for syllabication

forming or dividing words into syllables

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In order to avoid syllabication on a high note, one can also have recourse to a lower grace note conveniently placed, on which one articulates the syllable in advance.
Some scholars also associate the use of reduplicated consonants with specific syllable and prosodic properties, such as syllabication, syllable weight, and most recently with syllable cut (see e.g.
"It is a woeful fact that many, perhaps most, of the graduates of our Ontario Institution for the Blind are very weak in respect to orthography, punctuation, syllabication, paragraphing, and the orderly arrangement of thought when written," Swift stated in his report.
Also, investigations are needed on ways to teach other vowel patterns that were not used in this study, apply syllabication rules to multisyllabic words, and to use vowel pattern analysis to improve reading fluency.
* syllabication skills such as noticing root words, prefixes and suffixes and thus identify the unknown word
Word analysis skills would be developed through phonics games, beginning with initial consonant sounds and blends, and working through short and long vowel sounds, and syllabication. Vocabulary development would follow a path of choosing words from written material, and recording them into her own personal dictionary, adding new words each week.
Also, for each name, we calculate the number of syllables in a name, coded by following the rules of syllabication. (12) Finally, we code a variable for nickname, which is a dummy variable if the name was listed as a nickname by Wallace (1992).
Randomly selected pre-kindergarten teachers who voluntarily participated in a three-year professional development program were queried on their knowledge of three aspects of basic early literacy--understanding of syllabication, morpheme knowledge, and sound presence.
Other highlights include phonemic awareness assessment and progress assessments and a unique marking system to help students recognize letter and vowel sounds, likely and unlikely sequences, and the structure of syllabication, beginning with individual phonemes through the decoding of multisyllable words.
Haikus are a great way to motivate children to look more closely at syllabication. You may want children to work as partners to create their poems.
According to the California Department of Education (1999), educators should be certain that kindergartners "[T]rack and represent the number, sameness/difference, and order of two and three isolated phonemes." We must stress that all second graders can apply "knowledge of basic syllabication rules when reading and [....] use knowledge of individual words in unknown compound words to predict their meaning." Sixth graders must "identify and interpret figurative language and words with multiple meanings." Nowhere in the state's standards are children to get lost in a book.
Phonological cue (responsive): Described maternal utterances that included elongated onset, rime, rhyming pairs, syllabication, or the model of a correct response as a scaffold.
At one time, students were taught a set of syllabication rules, instructed to use the rules to divide words into parts, and then asked to apply their phonetic knowledge to determine the pronunciation of the unknown word.
Trainers and supervisors also listen to learner pronunciation over the Internet, Accent Reduction makes use of phonics to teach pronunciation of vowel sounds, consonant digraph sounds, pronunciation rules, syllabication and syllable stress.
SYLLABICATION: fran-tre-pre-neur NOUN: The cross between a traditional entrepreneur and the traits needed to be a modern franchise owner.