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Antonyms for syllabic

(of verse) having lines based on number of syllables rather than on rhythmical arrangement of stresses or quantities

consisting of a syllable or syllables

(of speech sounds) forming the nucleus of a syllable


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This measure of music is syllabically set and brings to mind the setting of the jingle tune assigned to the Vice Nicol Newfangle in Ulpian Fulwell's contemporary interlude Like Will to Like.
The metrical structure of Takituduh is not constrained syllabically either, since [FTBIN.sub.[??]] ranks higher than ONSET.
For the moment we note that the spirant appears syllabically as the onset; if it follows a branching nucleus e.g.
Given that the treble verse includes a large amount of text, much of which is set syllabically in the surviving music, it would not have been possible for the verse itself to have been shortened significantly, so Goodson's only option would have been to delete it altogether.
In the early sixties, after reading Olson's "Projective Verse" essay, I began to think about Duncan's open use of the line in The Opening of the Field, for example, which I read very closely, and to pay a different kind of attention--becoming more visually and syllabically aware.
Yet the viewpoint the narration veils--manifested in subtle clues and revealed details like physical description or character names (recall Macomber's perfect, prissy safari-wear, or the awkwardly pronounced "Francis Macomber" versus the terse, syllabically balanced "Robert Wilson")--shows that the narrator is not equally sympathetic to all characters and that, indeed, his sympathies (and ours!) may shift.
Polychoral motets by Palestrina typically employ such syllabic crotchets in pairs rather than in longer groups.(12) In the Magnificat setting, however, there are extended syllabic passages built from crotchets and quavers [ILLUSTRATION FOR EX.2A, B OMITTED], and disjunct crotchets are treated motivically and syllabically, most strikingly in the passage shown in ex.2c.
One of them didn't speak English and we had to teach him syllabically. You can't understand most of it anyway, because of the references to things that have long since disappeared, but I had fun doing it and decided at that point--although I'd tried writing a couple of things--that I would become a director because I didn't think that I'd ever write anything of significance.
The examples of the seventeenth century phonetic representation of names in the Philippine script, given by Scott,(51) such as "A-gu-ti Lu-ma-ba" for Augustin Lumabag and "Do A-gu-ti Wi-ka" for Don Agustin Wika, are very similar to the manner in which the Chinese would have syllabically represented such names.
Until that point, the poet presents a syllabically elegant tour of Boston.
The NE sign may also be read [te.sub.4], which is often used to write the verb tehu syllabically and sounds like the common logogram for tehu, TE.
The range is narrow and text is set simply, clearly, and syllabically in gently arching phrases.
Urizen, he sums up, "is one of Blake's really hard, tough, mental, dryseed works--the poetry is terrific." After composing it, Blake "unfolds his primordial mind and becomes mighty, rhetorically beautiful, golden tongued and syllabically interesting.
After six months of schooling, beginner readers were not syllabically recoding printed words.
(12) The two syllabically affected government relations are shown in (28) (only relevant parts of the tree structure in [27] are repeated here).