syllabic script

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a writing system whose characters represent syllables

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Another syllabic script, though, was still in use in his time.
Inuktitut and Cree, however, had and still have tens of thousands of fluent speakers, and to many of these speakers, syllabic script has remained an important practical tool as well as a mark of cultural identity.
(In the western Arctic, by contrast, syllabic script has never been popular and is not in current use.)
Wearing the Mangyan attire with pride and happiness, I taught guests how to write their names in the Mangyan syllabic script, how to spin cotton, how to weave the traditional Hanunuo-Mangyan indigo-blue cloth on a backstrap loom and sold handicraft, she says.
In contrast, Devanagari has the properties of both alphabetic and syllabic scripts. Scientists have found reading the language involves activation of the left and right hemisphere.
Thanks to his familiarity with syllabic scripts (among others) he succeeded in identifying a number of consonant-vowel pairs that spelt out words which seemed convincing in their context.
Cree and Naskapi words were entered using a roman orthography and then converted to experimental syllabic scripts in the final printout.
'Postma planted the seed that kept alive the rich Mangyan cultural practices, specifically the Mangyan syllabic scripts and the ambahan.