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Synonyms for sybarite

a person devoted to pleasure and luxury

Synonyms for sybarite

a person addicted to luxury and pleasures of the senses


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Scott cites still another example of the "Sybaritism" which defined the difference between the two groups.
Goya's famous series of royal portraits includes a portrayal of Carlos (1799) that apparently reveals a sympathetic character, addicted to field sports, art, fashion, music, gardening and sybaritism, but who was hopeless as a king.
Yet it is also a mistake, I think, to treat his sybaritism flippantly.
maturity, dreams, sybaritism, and, especially, the vexed problem of being Polish in an insecure cultural backwater.
With the motivation of survival, Andrew lives under a law of confining sybaritism. All the while, he masquerades masculine tropes found in both the picaresque and the classic slave narrative.