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Synonyms for swoosh

the noise produced by the sudden rush of a fluid (a gas or liquid)


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move with or cause to move with a whistling or hissing sound

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We have heard no complaints about the swooshes on the side of the building," Bob Applegate, Nike's communications director for Oregon, said Thursday in an e-mail response to questions about the store.
Just when the plane seems certain to crash, it swooshes upward.
with the end of its trunk and swooshes the swatter over its head and back.
Six feet of powder swooshes beneath your feet as you ski down a 2,200-foot vertical drop.
Here, an enormous muslin form with a tentaclelike snout swooshes around the lighted cobalt surface in a jubilant frenzy, at once loving its world and aching to escape it.
Though reared in the best traditions of British street vaudeville, STOMP speaks an international dialect of bangs, crashes, clicks and swooshes that needs no translation.