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characteristic of false pride

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Baird's direction is of a similarly heedless, knockabout nature, filching from Kubrick in the sweaty, distortive use of eloseup, Fassbinder in an arch, unexpectedly resolved strain of Germanic camp, and Gilliam in Robertson's fantasy sessions with swollen-headed shrink Jim Broadbent.
When you have that core foundation paired with faith and prayer there is no room for being swollen-headed. The point is to let each accomplishment be the motivation to do even better the next time round.
How I would love to take that swollen-headed little madam to a cancer ward and introduce her to patients and their desperate families.
We know some feel compelled to make headlines to justify their fat paychecks but someone needs to stand up to these swollen-headed egotists and, hopefully, save jobs!
There's a fine line between encouraging a talented child and creating a swollen-headed obsessive - and sibling rivalry.
REGARDING your survey on the meaning of Easter, I am sure your readers must be thinking I am a swollen-headed know-all!